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There’s moose on the loose!

Hold onto your antlers! A moose decided to check into an Anchorage hospital and caused quite the commotion as it chomped on plants and wandered through the halls.

A fun news story today of a young moose caused quite a stir at an Anchorage hospital this week after it wandered inside the building and proceeded to munch on some plants.

The unexpected visitor made its way into a courtyard at Providence Alaska Medical Center on Tuesday, much to the surprise of staff and patients. The hospital was placed on lockdown while the moose was inside the building.

According to hospital spokeswoman Mikal Canfield, the moose spent about 30 minutes in the courtyard before it entered the building through an open door. It then moved to a different part of the hospital and began chomping on some plants.

Hospital security and Anchorage police officers worked together to shoo the moose out of the building, and it eventually made its way back outside on its own.

No one was injured in the incident, but the hospital did take the opportunity to remind people that moose can be dangerous and to always give them plenty of space.

It’s not uncommon to see moose wandering around Anchorage, which is located near the Chugach Mountains and has a large urban greenbelt. However, it’s rare for one to venture inside a building, let alone a hospital.

The moose’s unexpected visit quickly made headlines and has since gone viral on social media, with many people expressing amusement at the unusual situation.

Source: @adndotcom Tiktok

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