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Star, the senior dog who touched hearts: His tear-jerking sendoff will make you cry

After months in the shelter, this elderly dog finally finds his forever home, and his departure is nothing short of heartwarming.

Today’s rescue story focuses on Star, an 8-year-old black dog, had a difficult time finding a forever home at Memphis Animal Services.

Star’s shelter life

He had spent three months there, mostly in Director Alexis Pugh’s office. She had grown close to him during his stay, but despite her social media posts, no one was interested in adopting Star.

People often don’t want to adopt a senior dog who could pass away soon, unlike a young dog or puppy.

But fate had other plans for Star. A woman who recognized him as her former patient from his old clinic arrived at the shelter interested in adopting him.

She was a veterinary technician, and she had hit the jackpot for Star as she was married to a veterinarian and split her time between two farms, which gave Star acres of space and new siblings for his older years.

The great send-off

As Star’s new owner went to fill out the paperwork, Pugh spread the good news and rallied the staff.

Everyone knew Star, and they wanted to give him a grand sendoff. About 20 people clapped and cheered as Star and his new mom exited the building. After his moment with Pugh, he even munched on a few treats for the road.

The staff formed an applauding guard of honor to wish him good luck in his new life.

More than 3.5 million people watched the sweet sendoff, which has since gone viral on social media. The touching moment, where Star was surrounded by people who loved him, was an organic and lovely goodbye.

It was a grand, tear-jerking sendoff for a senior dog who deserved all the love and happiness in the world.


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