Heartbreaking: 14-year-old small dog abandoned in its last moments by its owners because they found him too old

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The story of a small dog named Cookie, a 14-year-old crossbreed, has sparked outrage on social media. Cookie was abandoned by his owners in his last moments of life because they considered him too old and no longer useful. The heartbreaking scene took place at a veterinary clinic in Toulon, France, where Cookie was brought … Read more

Against all odds: dog escapes from groomer and is reunited with his owners thanks to the kindness of a homeless person

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A homeless man in Rennes helped reunite a Shih Tzu named Lucky with his owners after he escaped from a groomer’s shop. A heartwarming story has emerged from the city of Rennes, in northwestern France, where a dog managed to escape from his groomer’s shop and was reunited with his owners thanks to the help … Read more