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Astonishing moment captured on camera as eagle holds an unexpected treasure in its talons!

Witness the breathtaking scene as a majestic eagle grips an extraordinary prize in its powerful talons!

Doug Gemmell, a Connecticut-based nature photographer, was in for a surprise when he captured an unusual moment on camera. While it’s not uncommon to see bald eagles hunting for fish or small rodents, this eagle’s choice of food left Gemmell in awe.

Gemmell had heard about eagle activity in the area and walked up to a Department of Motor Vehicles parking lot when he spotted the eagle flying around. The eagle lowered its legs, a sign that it was about to land or grab something.

Gemmell quickly locked on to the bird with his lens and managed to capture some stunning aerial photos the bald eagle swooping down to a parking lot to snatch a slice of pepperoni pizza!

pizza eagle
(c) @Doug Gemmell Nature Photography


But the feathery thief’s joy was short-lived, as four crows chased the eagle away soon after. Gemmell never saw whether or not the eagle ate the pizza, but he speculated that the young bird may have grabbed it out of curiosity or to practice its snatching skills.

The photos Gemmell captured have since gone viral, with many people making humorous comments about America’s pizza-loving bird. Gemmell even printed out the photo and hung it on his wall, and is willing to send others prints of the eagle if they reach out.

So, the next time you order a pizza, watch out for any bald eagles lurking nearby. You never know who might be eyeing your slice!

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