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I'm Emily and I'm a freelance writer from Fort Wayne, Indiana. I am an avid camper and hiker who picked up the bug at a young age, I have just about visited all the places worth seeing in the Indiana, Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin area as well as other places in The Unites States and Canada. I am an avid supporter of animal rights and also an advocate for better environmental practices that lower pollution and keep the environment I love so much healthy. I have one dog named Nibbler (yes, he is named after Nibbler on Futurama), a Pug/Jack Russell Terrier mix, who has been my constant partner in crime. On the weekends I volunteer at the local Fort Wayne animal shelter in which I adopted Nibbler with my boyfriend. In my spare few moments of free time I enjoy cooking new recipes from cuisine all over the world and playing more than a few different video games, though in the summer time I enjoy a leisurely day of fishing just as much as a good hike.

Recent Posts

21 Destructive Habits of Horrible Pet Owners
Feb 25, 2014
The Internet has exposed us to many things. Some things...
Michigan Humane Society Spends Chilly Night in Dog House to Advocate Pet Safety
Feb 20, 2014
Most pet owners don't often imagine how life is for their outside pet. They have fur and a shelter, so below freezing temperatures are fine for them, right? However, members of the Michigan Humane Society now understand all too well...
Genetic Mutation Leads to New Breed of Cat
Feb 18, 2014
Meet the Lykoi cat, this shabby werewolf look alike may look like some sick stray one would find behind a dumpster, but it is actually perfectly healthy. The Lykoi cat, named after the Greek word for wolf, was created from...
Entropion (Abnormal Eyelids) in Dogs
Feb 18, 2014
Abnormal eyelids, or medically known as entropion, is the uncomfortable condition in which a portion of the eyelid is folded inwards. This can cause the eyelashes or fur of dogs to scratch or otherwise irritate the surface of the eye.
Rules to Live By - The 10 Dog Commandments
Feb 17, 2014
One of the biggest joys of dog ownership is that they are so loyal and will continue loving their owners unconditionally no matter what. Their actions may seem silly, but sometimes it seems as though some pretty complex thoughts are...
Onyx, the 3-legged Abused Dog, Learns to Surf
Feb 13, 2014
At a glance, when running around Onyx looks like a happy and healthy black lab. However, with a closer look it is plain to see that Onyx only has three legs. While he may be happy and healthy now, that...
Southern Chinese Villages Ring in the New Year with Horse Fighting
Feb 6, 2014
As a new year is rung in on the Chinese calendar, cities throughout China celebrate with costumes, dancing, parades and fantastic foods. However, in some villages in China's southern Guangxi region a horrific tradition is still being carried out--horse fighting. Horse...
Enjoying Wild Animals Outside of Captivity
Feb 5, 2014
Although it is not at the forefront of everyone's attention, the debate over whether animals should be left in the wild or if it is ethical to keep them in captivity still rages around the world. Those who oppose captivity...
Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM)
Feb 3, 2014
Is your horse suffering from failing coordination, perhaps combined with weakness or muscle loss? A horse owner's first thought would be lameness. However, for a horse exhibiting these symptoms with no obvious cause for lameness they may have something much...
Boots Made for Dog who is Allergic to the Outdoors
Jan 31, 2014
Bluey has had a tough life. He's a dog who would love to go outside and run, but there is only one thing stopping him--he is allergic to it. Bluey is an eight-year-old weimaraner who loved going outdoors, however when...
New Study Shows Cat's Recognize Owner's Voice, Yet Fail to Care
Jan 29, 2014
In a recent Japanese study on cat vocalization by the University of Tokyo, researchers have found that cats can indeed distinguish the voice of their owners, yet will fail to respond to it of their own accord. The results of...
Anal Sac Disorders in Cats
Jan 28, 2014
Does your cat spend a little too much time licking around their anus or even dragging their behind across the floor as if they were a dog? This is usually a sure sign of an anal sac disorder. Located on...
The Endearing Story of Stockings the Kitten
Jan 27, 2014
The story of Stockings could have easily turned into a sad tale of yet another animal that the world would have given up on. This little kitten was rescued when it was just a few weeks old from a hording...
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