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I'm Emily and I'm a freelance writer from Fort Wayne, Indiana. I am an avid camper and hiker who picked up the bug at a young age, I have just about visited all the places worth seeing in the Indiana, Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin area as well as other places in The Unites States and Canada. I am an avid supporter of animal rights and also an advocate for better environmental practices that lower pollution and keep the environment I love so much healthy. I have one dog named Nibbler (yes, he is named after Nibbler on Futurama), a Pug/Jack Russell Terrier mix, who has been my constant partner in crime. On the weekends I volunteer at the local Fort Wayne animal shelter in which I adopted Nibbler with my boyfriend. In my spare few moments of free time I enjoy cooking new recipes from cuisine all over the world and playing more than a few different video games, though in the summer time I enjoy a leisurely day of fishing just as much as a good hike.

Recent Posts

Homeward Bound – Cat Travel 700 Miles Across France to Find Owner
Dec 25, 2014
Some of us dread when our pets go missing. What if they never come back? What if they get hurt? For many, these worries are valid because many pets never return home after they are lost. However, for Dan Bouchery...
Tortured Dog Missing All Four Paws Has Strong Will to Live
Dec 23, 2014
On November 30th, an animal rescue organization in Montevideo, Uruguay received a plea to help a mutilated dog taking shelter in a makeshift dog house from a concerned resident. Although the dog was found in a backyard, no one knew...
Horses Doomed to Die After Being Exposed to Contaminated Feed at Equestrian Center
Dec 18, 2014
Yesterday marked the fourth death at a Florida stable after horses were found to have eaten contaminated food. What is worse is that the horror is far from over. It has been deemed that nothing can be done to save...
Global Reindeer Population in Decline
Dec 16, 2014
There might be trouble on the horizon for the stalwart workers that pull Santa's sleigh. A new study has found that ecosystems, local economies and climate change could be to blame for the decline in reindeer populations around the world.
In The Wild
Do Animals Go To Heaven? Pope Francis Says Yes!
Dec 11, 2014
It's been no secret that Pope Francis has been turning the heads of the more traditional catholic clergy with his declarations on behalf of the Vatican. While some may not agree with all of his changes and general modernization of...
Grumpy Cat's Astonding Earnings Makes Normal Cats Seem Like Mooching Bums
Dec 9, 2014
Everyone has heard of Grumpy Cat. Her trademark scowl and bad attitude has risen her up to the rank of Queen among internet cat memes, but recently her owner has revealed exactly how much she has earned from them. The...
New Law Enters Effect in Southern Ontario City to Dictate the Care of Outside Dogs
Dec 4, 2014
A caring new law for dogs has gone into effect as of December 1st, 2014 to help dictate the care of dogs left outside and in cars during unfit weather. The city of Mississauga in southern Ontario passed the law...
Justin Bieber Abandons Third Pet to Dog Trainer for Over a Year
Dec 2, 2014
While the world has known about Canadian pop star Justin Bieber's previously abandoned pets, it has come to light this week that there was yet another pet that he left somewhere and never returned for. This time, it is an...
Is Budweiser Saying ‘Neigh” to the Clydesdales Forever?
Nov 27, 2014
Yesterday it was announced by Anheuser- Busch that the iconic Clydesdale horses would be put out to pasture in the company’s main advertising. The number three beer brand in the United States will not be trotting out the beautiful creatures...
Students Outraged After University Poisons Stray Dog That Sat in on Classes
Nov 25, 2014
You know how many forward thinkers say that everyone has a right to an education? Well, for Northwest A & F University in Yanglin County, China, not everyone does. Students of the university are in an outrage today after it...
Muffin the Kitten Left Paralyzed After Botched Microchip Surgery is on the Road to Recovery
Nov 20, 2014
Two week ago, Muffin the little orange striped kitten underwent a risky surgery to remove an improperly implanted microchip that had left him paralyzed. Muffin survived the surgery but veterinarians were unsure if he would ever recover from his paralysis.
New App Donates to Animal Shelters Every Time You Walk You Dog - For Free!
Nov 18, 2014
Want to help shelters but don't have the extra time or money to do it? Well, a new app allows dog owners to help the shelters of their choice by doing something they do everyday anyway - walking their dog.
Paw, Mane and Fang? - Afghan Fanged Deer Spotted for the First Time in 60 Years
Nov 13, 2014
A species going extinct is a sad part of this world, but certainly not a new part. However, when a species makes a reappearance contrary to all the believe knowledge, now that is truly spectacular. In this case, a fanged...
In The Wild
Fayette County's TNR Success May Spell Positive Change for Georgia's Feral Cats
Nov 11, 2014
There have been some good things going on for cats in Fayette County, Georgia. Typically shelters in Georgia take a catch and kill approach to feral cats in order to keep the populations down. However, Fayette County Humane Society in...
Amazing Woman Rescues Starving Kittens from Walmart - You Won't Believe What She Named Them
Nov 7, 2014
From humble beginnings at a puddle in Walmart to super hero status, this is a touching rescue story of Marvel and her Iron Man kittens.
Mary Was Pregnant and About to be Killed. What Happens Next Will Warm Your Heart
Nov 3, 2014
The touching story of a heavily pregnant dog rescued from a high kill shelter just in time to bring nine adorable little puppies into the world.
No Bully Breeds Allowed - PetSmart Discriminates Against Pit Bull Breeds
Oct 30, 2014
PetSmart is not just known for providing a number of pet toys, food and equipment, but is also well-known among animal lovers for their PetSmart charities. However, recently their discriminatory policies towards bully breeds at their Doggie Day Camps are...
Pumpkin: The Hedgehog Who Lost His Spikes
Oct 28, 2014
Earlier this month, a six-month-old hedgehog that lived in the wild was found in the most curious condition by a passerby. The hedgehog is known for their prickly appearance for the hundreds of spines that line the skin on their...
Trapped Kitten Safe Thanks to Inventive Rescue
Oct 23, 2014
A three month old kitten in Riverside, California was finally rescued last week after landing itself in a challenging situation for animal control officers on the scene. Through the use of some clever, and as some would describe "MacGyver-esque," thinking...
Ontario SPCA Declares the Hunt on for Puppy Abuser in Toronto
Oct 21, 2014
After what is being hailed as the worse case of animal abuse that animal services in Toronto have ever seen, authorities as well as the Ontario SPCA are on the hunt for the culprit. They urge the public to aid...
The Internet has a New Celebrity Cat - Napoleon
Oct 16, 2014
The internet is full of celebrity cats. Recently, a new fluff ball has joined the ranks of internet cat superstars like Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub and Colonel Meow. Meet Napoleon, the Persian cat that is stealing the spotlight of cat-centric...
Hunks and Hounds - Hot Guys Pose with Cute Dogs for Animal Rights
Oct 14, 2014
Some things are just meant to go together - peanut butter and jelly, eggs and bacon, pizza and beer - but it seems that a New York City-based animal rights group has found yet another perfect combination. In their new...
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