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I'm Emily and I'm a freelance writer from Fort Wayne, Indiana. I am an avid camper and hiker who picked up the bug at a young age, I have just about visited all the places worth seeing in the Indiana, Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin area as well as other places in The Unites States and Canada. I am an avid supporter of animal rights and also an advocate for better environmental practices that lower pollution and keep the environment I love so much healthy. I have one dog named Nibbler (yes, he is named after Nibbler on Futurama), a Pug/Jack Russell Terrier mix, who has been my constant partner in crime. On the weekends I volunteer at the local Fort Wayne animal shelter in which I adopted Nibbler with my boyfriend. In my spare few moments of free time I enjoy cooking new recipes from cuisine all over the world and playing more than a few different video games, though in the summer time I enjoy a leisurely day of fishing just as much as a good hike.

Recent Posts

Ringling Brother Circus to Finally Retire Elephant Acts
Mar 10, 2015
In a monumental decision, the Ringling Brothers Circus has announced Thursday that they would retire their elephants from performance acts by 2018. This comes after years of pleas by animal rights activists to end the cruelty and particularly noncommittal comments...
Scientists Create Music for Cats!
Mar 5, 2015
Do cats like music? What cat owner hasn't tried playing a little Tupac or Rolling Stones for their cat to see if they share a similar taste in music? However, more often than not, cats will act aloof to noise,
Kitten Dies of Toxic Poisoning After Being Dyed Pink
Mar 3, 2015
Just months after being dyed pink for a party stunt, a kitten that once belonged to Russian writer Lena Lenina has died after a long bout of toxic poisoning.
Rarest Big Cat on Earth Is Making A Comeback
Feb 26, 2015
Things are starting to look up for the critically endangered Amur Leopard, otherwise known as the rarest big cat on earth. This leopard is indigenous to the southeastern parts of Russia and northeast China, but as of 2007 there were...
In The Wild
Kyushu Cat Man Hopes to Raise Status of Cats in Japan
Feb 24, 2015
The Kyushu Cat Man started making headlines a few months ago when he brazenly walked his stroller full of cats through Tokyo, Japan. However, the Cat Man is making waves again, this time sharing a little bit more about himself...
Maimed Toucan Set to Receive 3D Printed Beak
Feb 19, 2015
What is a bird without its beak? Usually it is a sad tragedy. The bird will not be able to eat, drink or defend itself effectively and is likely doomed to die. This was the case for a toucan...
Australia's Oldest Man Dedicates His Time Knitting Sweaters for Penguins
Feb 17, 2015
At 109-years-old, Alfred "Alfie" Date doesn't have a lot of time left in this world, but with the time he does have left, he has dedicated it to helping animals in a unique and worthwhile way. As a prolific knitter,
How to Spot a Dog Flipper
Feb 12, 2015
If you haven't heard of dog flipping, you are not alone. Dog flipping is the act of purchasing dogs from backyard breeders, getting them as free to good home pets from websites or just downright stealing them before selling them...
From Hell to Heaven - Budi the Baby Orangutan's Incredible Journey
Feb 10, 2015
Budi the baby orangutan spent the early portion of his life much like how a lot of baby animals in Indonesia end up these days - in a cage with someone ill-prepared to raise him. Budi spent the first ten...
Sheep in Sheep Dog's Clothing - The Lamb That Thinks She is a Sheep Dog
Feb 5, 2015
She goes on walks with her owners every day, she wags her tail when she is happy, but she is not a dog, but rather a lamb. This particular little lamb was adopted by a pack of Border Collies in...
Smart Spaniel Learns a New Trick Every Day for Charity
Feb 3, 2015
Lynn Stacey of the United Kingdom, who has a variety of disabilities, states that she would be lost without her assistance dog, as many other assistance dog owners would agree. It's lucky that her Cocker Spaniel Bella is such a...
Justice Dealt to British Columbia Dog Walker After Six Dog Deaths
Jan 29, 2015
Dog walkers are some of our most trusted pet personnel, we entrust our pets to them while we are away and the thought rarely ever passed our mind that something bad could happen barring a horrible accident out of anyone's...
Boston Terrier Adopts and Raises Litter of Motherless Kittens
Jan 29, 2015
Mount Pleasant, South Carolina resident Shannon Williams found herself caring for a litter of motherless kittens after her daughter found them in the woods behind her home. However, it was her five-year-old Boston Terrier that truly surprised the family by...
Grabbing the Purfect Cuppa in Scotland's First Cat Cafe
Jan 27, 2015
Are you a serious cat person? One that loves to be around all different kinds of cats but limit yourself to a couple so as to not earn that reputation as the "crazy cat lady" in the neighborhood? Well, there...
Mother Dog Refuses to Leave Cemetery Where She Buried Her Puppy
Jan 22, 2015
Ready to have your heart broken? 15-year-old photographer Hunter Cone certainly wasn't when he was on assignment in Savannah, Georgia's Laurel Grove North Cemetery. While he was searching for a specific monument in the cemetery he found a much more...
New Research Provides Insight as to Why Cats Sleep So Much
Jan 20, 2015
Have you ever looked at your ridiculously comfortable cat and wonder how they can possibly sleep so much? Why can't you sleep like that? So long and for so comfortably, but until now people just didn't know. However, some new...
The Canine Commuter - The Dog Who Takes A Solo Bus Ride to Dog Park Every Week
Jan 15, 2015
It's not terribly unusual to see a dog on a bus in animal-loving Seattle, Washington, but what about one that rides a bus all on their own and gets off at the same stop every week? Now that's an oddity,
The Great Emerald Cat Mystery Solved
Jan 13, 2015
The Black Sea resort community of Varna, Bulgaria had an odd cat conundrum late last year that had everyone either puzzled or outraged. A beloved stray cat that wandered the town started becoming a lot more noticeable when it turned...
Bao Bao The Panda Cub Celebrates Her First Snow Day in Washington, D.C.
Jan 8, 2015
Washington, D.C.'s beloved (and only) panda cub Bao Bao got to enjoy her first ever taste of snow as the United State's capital was blanketed for the first time this winter season on January 6th.
Goats Do Their Part in Nevada to Recycle Christmas Trees
Jan 6, 2015
The holidays are over and now it's time to curl up and wait until the sun comes back and the snow goes away, but what about the tree? Some take that live Christmas tree they cut down for the holiday...
No Live Opossum Drop on New Year's Eve for North Carolina Town
Jan 2, 2015
Times are changing for animals, and nothing makes that more clear than the nixing of an old New Year's Eve tradition in one small North Carolina town.
Animal Rights - Top 14 Victories Animals Won in 2014
Dec 30, 2014
This year has been a great year for animals. Thanks to all those out there who made phone calls, wrote letters, donated to charities or even done something as simple as adopt a new cat or dog from a shelter,
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