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As an advocate for both animal and human rights, I am passionate about the betterment of society and our planet. Formerly, I studied nursing, orthotics/prosthetics (artificial limbs), and ophthalmic (eye care) assisting. I also write healthy, gluten-free recipes and love to dabble in the humour niche.

Recent Posts

Cat Emergencies Caused by Flea and Tick Products
Aug 2, 2014
Hundreds of cats (and dogs) have suffered life-threatening side effects or even death after being exposed to a common insecticide known as: permethrin, pyrethrins, pyrethroids, or phenothrin. This chemical (or its derivatives) are found in many OTC flea and tick...
A Purrfect Duo: Cats in Coffee Shops
Jul 26, 2014
Cat cafes have been popular in Japan and various areas around the world for about a decade. For apartment dwellers where pets aren't allowed or for those who travel often, it's a homey place to enjoy a coffee and befriend...
Veterinarians Confirm Secondhand Smoke is Harmful to Pets and Causes Cancer
Jul 19, 2014
Numerous studies have confirmed what veterinarians have suspected for decades: secondhand smoke causes a host of illness and cancer in cats, dogs, and birds. Since pets breathe faster than us, they inhale more of the toxins from smoke than we...
Sloth Fur Might Help Cure Breast Cancer, Malaria, MRSA and More
Jul 12, 2014
Saving the tropical rainforests and sloths that live in them might prove to be our greatest source of medications that could cure cancer, malaria, and the ever increasing drug-resistant strains of bacteria such as MRSA. The unique hairs on sloths...
Some Dogs and Cats Need Sun Protection: Facts and Prevention
Jul 5, 2014
Some cats and dogs are genetically more susceptible to sun damage than others. And there are times when our beloved pets might be recovering from surgery, on medication, or have a chronic condition that increases their risk of sunburn. I...
Soraida Salwala's Endless Devotion to Save Elephants
Jun 28, 2014
One of our planet's greatest animal activists has been working tirelessly, risking her own life, to save Asian elephants since 1993. Her name is Soraida Salwala. With the help of Dr. Preecha Phuangkum, DVM, Soraida opened the world's first elephant...
In The Wild
Sea Turtles: What's Killing Them and Efforts to Save Them
Jun 21, 2014
Four years ago, the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico threatened the already endangered sea turtles that were living and nesting in the area. Incredibly, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission made unprecedented efforts to...
In The Wild
Bonding Made Easy: Tips for Introducing a Cat to a Child
Jun 14, 2014
Whether you are a new parent or a grandparent, cats and children require supervision when they first meet. It can take weeks for a cat to adjust to a baby or child in your home. Yet the benefits of having...
Do Cats Sense Human Illness?
Jun 7, 2014
Plenty has been written about dogs that can detect impending illness in humans, but what about cats? I have a cat that massages my head when I have a migraine. When I searched for similar feline stories, I uncovered some...
Corneal (Eye) Ulcers in Pets
May 31, 2014
Our pets can suffer the same types of injuries as we do. Gardening season and being outdoors increases the risk of our dog (or cat) grazing an eye on something sharp or pointy. Corneal abrasions and ulcers are more common...
Hairballs in Cats: Prevention, Safe Remedies, and Warnings
May 21, 2014
For over 40 years, I've always had a least one cat in my life. Several of them suffered from the odd hairball and a few had a serious problem with them. While I fostered kittens, I had a chance to...
Microchipping is Strongly Recommended by the SPCA and Veterinarians
May 17, 2014
After my apartment was broken into when I lived on a busy street in Toronto, I realized I needed to have my two indoor cats microchipped. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that since the '90s a standardized tracking system...
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