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As an advocate for both animal and human rights, I am passionate about the betterment of society and our planet. Formerly, I studied nursing, orthotics/prosthetics (artificial limbs), and ophthalmic (eye care) assisting. I also write healthy, gluten-free recipes and love to dabble in the humour niche.

Recent Posts

June Is Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month
Jun 6, 2015
Every spring and summer, animal shelters experience their highest numbers of unwanted cats and kittens. As such, the American Humane Association has been promoting Adopt a Cat Month® since 1975. The ASPCA also promotes their Adopt A Shelter Cat Month...
Feeling Ducky? Fun Facts About Waddlers
May 30, 2015
Move over people! There's a new biped in town: ducks. And they are getting their own traffic lane and beer (in England, at least). I discovered some helpful ways we can help our fine feathered friends. One of the main...
Meet the Eastern Quoll: One of Australia's Rarest Native Animals
May 24, 2015
The eastern quoll is a perky, pink-nosed carnivorous marsupial that is only found on Australia's island state of Tasmania. Sadly, they are no longer found on the mainland but an ambitious effort by numerous organizations and the Australian government is...
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Meet The Numbat: Endangered Species and Emblem of Western Australia
May 16, 2015
It has taken over two decades to increase the numbat population from 500 to almost 1000 remaining in the wild today. And Western Australia's endangered numbat isn't out of the woods yet. Since 1993, the Perth Zoo and Department of...
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Candidates for Canada's National Bird (Vote Now)
May 9, 2015
All Canadians should have a say in what Canada's national bird will be. After perusing the top contenders, I realized there is one in the running (or flying) that clearly does not represent Canadians. There are two obvious choices and...
Radamenes Makes Miraculous Recovery and Comforts Other Animals
May 2, 2015
Meet Radamenes, a cat who was found deathly ill in the streets of northern Poland. Initially, the vets at Schronisko dla Zwierząt w Bydgoszczy Animal Shelter felt that euthanasia was the most humane way to treat him. But this special...
Meet The Quokka: A Happy-Looking Vulnerable Species
Apr 25, 2015
The happy-go-lucky quokka, one of the smallest Wallaby species in the world, has been in the news and trending lately. On social media, tourists have been posting their "quokka selfies." However, it's important that this vulnerable species is protected. The...
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Ever Wonder What Your Cat Thinks of You?
Apr 18, 2015
If cats could talk, what would they say about us? How do they see us? Apparently, cats view us as clumsy, overgrown cats. We are their equals, though, not lesser - and they do love us. World renowned anthrozoologist John...
Whooping Cranes and Their Incredible Comeback
Apr 11, 2015
Whooping cranes are considered a conservation success story. But they aren't "out of the woods" yet. Just one ecological disaster could wipe them out forever. And it's taken over 40 years to bring their numbers back from the brink of...
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Easter With Pets: Hazards You Need to Know
Apr 4, 2015
Easter and Mother's Day are when people love to give and receive flowers. But lilies are highly toxic to cats. In fact, there are ten types of lilies that should never enter a cat-dwelling home. Even lily pollen and vase...
Beavers Are Dam Fine
Mar 28, 2015
Besides man, beavers impact our planet more than any other creature. They are important to the life cycles of many animals, plants, and ecosystems. For hundreds of years, the beaver has been a national symbol of Canada. Find out how...
Naki’o: World's First Dog With Four Prosthetic Limbs
Mar 21, 2015
Twenty years ago, I would never have believed it was possible for a dog to walk (let alone jump or run) on four artificial legs. But thanks to the tireless efforts of a highly talented and dedicated team of professionals,
Men With Cats: Be Proud
Mar 14, 2015
It's fabulous to see men interacting with cats in a loving, caring manner. And I couldn't be happier to report that men aren't ashamed to show the world how they feel about their feline friends. I'm not sure how the...
Do Cats Sense Human Emotions?
Mar 8, 2015
Some cats have an uncanny ability to detect human emotions before we do. Smudge, Elias, and Billy are intuitive cats who provide a stabilizing emotional force in their human's life. Whether it's protecting a child from bullies or bringing someone...
Have a Hoot at an Owl Café
Feb 28, 2015
Owl cafés have been popping up in Japan since 2012, but now an owl bar promises to be the hippest hangout in the Soho area of London, England. Despite a media blunder and outcry from animal rights activists, it appears...
Video Indicates Siberian Tigers Are Making a Comeback
Feb 21, 2015
Since the 1980s, it's been difficult to maintain the population of 500 Siberian tigers. Today, we have about 450 left in the wild. These precious creatures were brought back from the brink of extinction in the 1940s; but poaching, habitat...
Pangolins: The World's Most Trafficked Mammal
Feb 14, 2015
You may be surprised to learn that the pangolin is the most trafficked animal in the world. It's a problem that is growing out of control as the populations of larger species (such as rhinos and elephants) continue to decline.
How Global Warming Is Threatening the American Pika
Feb 7, 2015
Pikas need to live in high mountain regions in areas that are cool and moist. They are highly sensitive to warm weather and cannot survive in temperatures above 75 degrees F (23 C). As such, pikas are considered highly susceptible...
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Can We Save Canada's Northern Spotted Owl?
Jan 31, 2015
At one time, Canada was home to roughly 1,000 northern spotted owls. Today, there are only about 16 of them left in the wild. Ecologist Mark Boyce explained that 85 per cent of bird species that go extinct do so...
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Elephant-Zebra? Nah, It's a Malayan Tapir
Jan 24, 2015
Tapirs have existed for about 20 million years. Once found on every continent (except Antarctica), their habitat is now fragmented and sparse. Currently, they are an endangered species but successful breeding programs are helping them bounce back. Find out more...
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5 Cats Behaving Like People
Jan 17, 2015
There's nothing more endearing than seeing a pet carry out a human task. Dogs have been widely known for their multitude of service jobs, so I thought I would see if any cats are following suit. To my surprise and...
Tipsy Birds Kept Safe in Tiny Drunk Tanks
Jan 10, 2015
For some birds, overripe fruit and berries can become alcoholic food sources. Early frosts tend to concentrate natural sugars in fruit and when warm weather or spring thaw arrives, it causes the sugars to quickly break down. The result? A...
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