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As an advocate for both animal and human rights, I am passionate about the betterment of society and our planet. Formerly, I studied nursing, orthotics/prosthetics (artificial limbs), and ophthalmic (eye care) assisting. I also write healthy, gluten-free recipes and love to dabble in the humour niche.

Recent Posts

Meet the Critically Endangered Axolotl: The Mexican Walking Fish
Nov 14, 2015
Axolotls are a fascinating creature that are crucial for multiple disciplines of scientific research. And scientists continue to learn more about them. However, in the wild, their numbers are crashing. I delved into the major threats to their survival and...
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Dog and Farm Animal Exposure Reduces Risk of Asthma in Children
Nov 7, 2015
The latest finding of a nationwide Swedish study has parents (and children) breathing a little easier. It appears that exposure to dogs or a variety of animals during the first year of a baby's life reduces the risk of developing...
Keep Pets Safe on Halloween (Bonus: Pets in Costumes)
Oct 31, 2015
Since Halloween is tonight, I decided to share the most popular pet costume trends and some incredible statistics. All veterinarians stress that you should only dress up pets that truly enjoy being in costume. And be prepared to remove it...
New Study Might Explain Why Cats Are Fussy Eaters
Oct 24, 2015
A new study explains why cats can be picky eaters. They can detect more bitter flavors. And since veterinary medicines and enriched cat foods contain bitter-tasting ingredients, this research might help create new palatable formulas. I was surprised to learn...
Meet Cassidy: A TinyKittens Champion
Oct 17, 2015
Cassidy survived in a Canadian forest for nine weeks (without his hind feet), starving, and seriously infected before being rescued by Shelly Roche who runs TinyKittens (a non-profit cat sanctuary). To help Cassidy, two Canadian teens designed and created a...
Sonoran Desert Tortoise is No Longer Protected Under the ESA
Oct 10, 2015
The USFWS has determined (based on seven years of monitoring) that threats to the Sonoran desert tortoise "are not serious enough" to classify them as endangered or threatened for the next 10 years. But endangered species advocates and environmentalists are...
A Solution to Our Mounting Global Plastic Problem: Plastic-Eating Mealworms
Oct 3, 2015
Stanford engineers and researchers in China have made a groundbreaking discovery: common mealworms can safely eat, digest, and excrete Styrofoam plastic. And that's not all, waxworms can biodegrade polyethylene. This has the potential to solve the world's global plastic pollution...
Sea Otters: Why They Are Still Endangered
Sep 26, 2015
This weekend marks the end of Sea Otter Awareness Week. In an effort to understand their plight, I delved into what scientists believe is killing them. Some of the numbers shocked me. And sea otters are crucial to countless species...
In The Wild
Testing the IQ of Wild North Island Robins
Sep 19, 2015
Any studies carried out on wild animals must be extremely challenging to design and execute. And over the years, studies are proving that animals are more highly evolved than we previously thought. Dr. Rachael Shaw is in the midst of...
Examining Another Cat Study: Is the Science Flawed or the Media?
Sep 12, 2015
I've heard media reports that "cats don't care about you" and similar things. And yet, when I perused the latest PLOS ONE study, the researchers didn't state this at all. I walk you through the latest study and point out...
August is Check Your Tree Month
Aug 29, 2015
Trees are the natural habitat of countless species. We need to keep the trees we have and continue to plant new ones. One of the worst invasive species that destroys trees is the Asian longhorned beetle. And since 90 percent...
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Bees: What's the Latest Buzz?
Aug 22, 2015
The preliminary results are in from the annual survey of bee colony loss for 2014 - 2015. The shocker? For the first time ever, summer losses exceeded winter losses. Experts in the field are trying to piece together what has...
Monarch Butterflies: Why They Are Baffling Scientists
Aug 15, 2015
Within the last 20 years, the monarch butterfly population has suffered a catastrophic 90 percent decline. Seven research studies published in the Annals of the Entomological Society of America have yet to explain it. I examined several gaps in the...
Opossums Are Beneficial to Have Around
Aug 8, 2015
This week, I was visited two nights in a row by an opossum. I've never seen one in Canada before. Opossums are essential to our environment and eco-system. They keep numerous garden pests and rodents at bay (including ticks that...
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Cecil the Beloved Zimbabwean Lion Injured, Hunted, Shot and Beheaded
Aug 1, 2015
It's been a difficult week for animal and cat lovers the world over. Cecil the friendly and popular lion at Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe was killed in the most ruthless fashion and for a senseless reason: a trophy kill.
Vaccine Might Save the Tasmanian Devil From Fatal Cancer
Jul 25, 2015
Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD) has killed off between 85 and 97 percent of Tasmanian devil populations in the wild. Sadly, this form of cancer has an almost 100 percent mortality rate. A vaccine appears to be their only hope...
Saving Madagascar's Lemurs From Extinction
Jul 18, 2015
In 2013, the IUCN determined that almost 94 percent of all lemur species were threatened with extinction. This frightening statistic suggests that lemurs are the most endangered mammal group in the world. Find out what the Lemur Conservation Network (and...
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Alberta's Felines Need Forever Homes: Shelters Are Way Over Capacity
Jul 11, 2015
When I heard CBC's report that the Calgary Humane Society and AARCS were appealing to the public for help, I decided to highlight their adoption events. In addition, I include information about "kitten season" and why it is crucial to...
Saving Madagascar's Critically Endangered Tortoises
Jul 4, 2015
Despite running a successful breeding program, the Durrell Wildlife Trust has resorted to engraving the shells of ploughshare tortoises. It's something that "goes against every grain and gene in our bodies to do this," admitted Richard Lewis (director of Durrell’s...
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Saving the Endangered Black-Footed Ferret
Jun 27, 2015
The black-footed ferret was declared extinct in 1979 until a remnant population was discovered in 1981. By 1986, only 18 black-footed ferrets remained in the wild. However, a captive breeding program launched by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has...
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Canada's Endangered Burrowing Owl is Making a Comeback
Jun 20, 2015
Since the early 1980s, the Burrowing Owl Conservation Society of BC has been working tirelessly to re-establish the burrowing owl to its former habitat. By 2004, only nine were known to exist in British Columbia. This year, 68 yearlings were...
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Can We Save the Iberian Lynx?
Jun 13, 2015
The Iberian lynx is the most endangered wild cat species in the world. At one point, there were less than 100 known to exist and only 25 fertile females. Thankfully, the dedication of highly specialized teams of wild cat experts...
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