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I am a horse lover and animal advocate as well as a business woman. I run J&M Acres Horse Rescue in BC, Canada and am constantly working to save slaughterbound equines.

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Bet You've Never Seen a Bird Dance-Off Before (VIDEO)
Apr 30, 2014
This video of two parrots having a dance-off to the song "What is Love" will definitely make your mid-week slump seem a lot more awesome! Check it out.
Seal Likes Getting a Belly Rub (VIDEO)
Apr 29, 2014
Who knew that seals like getting their bellies rubbed? Check out SCUBA diver Jason Leilus as he gets up close and personal with seals in the Farne Islands, UK.
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Curious Boxer Watches YouTube (VIDEO)
Apr 23, 2014
Just found this adorable video of a curious Boxer dog watching...
French Bulldog Puppy Argues About Bedtime (VIDEO)
Apr 9, 2014
Adorable French Bulldog puppy argues with his owner about bedtime.
They Are Calling Him the Smartest Dog Ever (VIDEO)
Apr 8, 2014
Meet Jumpy, a cattle dog with the most amazing routine. The last 7 seconds are the most adorable when his hard work pays off and he finally gets what he wants.
It's True! All Kids Love to Jump on Beds
Mar 26, 2014
Well, it's true... Whether you're a human or a goat, all kids love the chance to jump and play on beds!
Dogs Can Smell Cancer
Mar 25, 2014
Max smelt cancer in his owner Maureen before any medical scans could pick it up.
Howard G. Bufffet Foundation Donated $26 Million to Anti-Poaching Initiative
Mar 21, 2014
The Howard G. Buffett Foundation donated $26 million to South Africa’s Kruger National Park to help support initiatives to protect rhinos who live in the park from poaching.
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"Buttermilk" The Goat Plays With Her Friends
Mar 18, 2014
You know what they say, if you're cute you can get away with anything! That seems to hold true for this bounding Nigerian dwarf goat.
When A Dog Stays Home Alone
Mar 17, 2014
This is one dog who certainly loves the lack of supervision... Check out what this hidden camera caught!
Adopt a Wild Mustang
Mar 13, 2014
If you love Mustangs, The United States Bureau of Land Management is one again giving the public the option to adopt through various adoption events across the country as well as their internet adoption site.
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Celebrate World Wildlife Day
Mar 3, 2014
For those of you who don't know, today is World Wildlife Day and it is a date of ever-growing importance for our generation to be involved in.
International Polar Bear Day
Feb 24, 2014
Did you know there is an international polar bear day? Neither did I until recently! As it turns out, Polar Bears International has been celebrating polar bears every year on February 27th and this year, WWF-Canada has joined in with...
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Sweety and Tricia Prove Love is Blind
Feb 23, 2014
Love is blind. In this case, it couldn't be more true for blind cows Sweety and Tricia who were brought together by a team of rescuers who worked across international borders for over a month to bring them together.
One of Florida's Big 5 Facing Death
Feb 22, 2014
Manatees, also known as sea cows, are one of the words gentlest mammals and one of Florida's Big 5 - so why are they dying?
Jann Arden Sides With The Horses
Feb 20, 2014
Jann Arden, Canadian singer and songwriter, adds her name to the growing list of people against the Alberta wild horse cull.
The BP Oil Spill: Who is it Still Killing?
Feb 15, 2014
Four years after the BP oil spill disaster, dolphins are still dying. In fact, half the dolphins living in Barataria Bay area of Louisiana are majorly ill. While there are always diseases in wild populations, the findings of this study...
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20 Photos of Animals Kissing
Feb 14, 2014
Happy Valentines Day everyone! In lieu of this love-filled holiday, we thought we would share with you 20 of our favourite pictures featuring animals kissing. Enjoy!
My Horse is My Valentine (despite what my mother thinks is normal)
Feb 13, 2014
I have loved horses ever since I was a little girl. In fact, when I was two years old my aunt put me on my first horse and I fell in love. Over twenty years later, I really am your...
A Logger Finds a Baby Deer
Feb 4, 2014
A logger came across these two little fawns sitting in the middle of the road, in dangers way, and tried to help them to safety. What happens next really is quite adorable, not to mention that fawns really are some...
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Polar Bear Cub Introduced to Snow for the First Time
Jan 31, 2014
This cub was born on November 9, 2013 and at almost three months old, he is just learning about what all that "white, fluffy stuff" is.
Alberta Wild Horse "Cull" Leads to Public Outcry
Jan 31, 2014
The Province of Alberta is looking to remove 200 "feral" horses from the wilderness and have issued 200 permits for capture of these native animals.
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