Madrid Officially Becomes A No-Kill City for Pets
As of March 13th, 2015 when the city government signed in the new law, Madrid became a no kill city for strays and abandoned animals. From now on, all pets in Madrid have the right to enjoy their lives even...
Cat Rescued from its Egyptian Tomb After Five Years
While Egypt is renowned for its grand tombs and the ancient residents that within, it seems that one cat's tomb was not meant to be neither grand nor eternal. This week, a cat was saved from its "tomb" inside of...
Naki’o: World's First Dog With Four Prosthetic Limbs
Twenty years ago, I would never have believed it was possible for a dog to walk (let alone jump or run) on four artificial legs. But thanks to the tireless efforts of a highly talented and dedicated team of professionals,
Thousands of Snow Geese Fall Dead from Sky over Idaho
This weekend, a massive bout of avian cholera is suspected in the deaths of more than 2,000 snow geese that feel dead from the sky in Idaho on their way to their Alaskan nesting grounds. Dozens of Idaho Department of...
Dieting Dachshund Dennis is on the Road to Recovery After His All Fast Food Diet
In a dog version of Super Size Me, a dog from Ohio that lived on a diet of fast food is well on his way to a healthy weight after spending years drastically overweight.
Dog Born with No Eyes Brings Smiles as a Therapy Dog
Just because he was born with no eyes doesn't mean Smiley can't bring his trademark good nature to comfort those in need. Smiley, a golden retriever, originally started life in a puppy mill, but with his deformity, he didn't have...
Ringling Brother Circus to Finally Retire Elephant Acts
In a monumental decision, the Ringling Brothers Circus has announced Thursday that they would retire their elephants from performance acts by 2018. This comes after years of pleas by animal rights activists to end the cruelty and particularly noncommittal comments...
Scientists Create Music for Cats!
Do cats like music? What cat owner hasn't tried playing a little Tupac or Rolling Stones for their cat to see if they share a similar taste in music? However, more often than not, cats will act aloof to noise,
Orphaned Baby Rhino Thinks He's a Lamb
An adorable video of a rescued baby rhino named Little G and his best friend Lammie... But despite the cute cover, G's story is a grim reminder of why we need to get serious about wildlife crime in 2015.
Kitten Dies of Toxic Poisoning After Being Dyed Pink
Just months after being dyed pink for a party stunt, a kitten that once belonged to Russian writer Lena Lenina has died after a long bout of toxic poisoning.
Kyushu Cat Man Hopes to Raise Status of Cats in Japan
The Kyushu Cat Man started making headlines a few months ago when he brazenly walked his stroller full of cats through Tokyo, Japan. However, the Cat Man is making waves again, this time sharing a little bit more about himself...
Video Indicates Siberian Tigers Are Making a Comeback
Since the 1980s, it's been difficult to maintain the population of 500 Siberian tigers. Today, we have about 450 left in the wild. These precious creatures were brought back from the brink of extinction in the 1940s; but poaching, habitat...
Maimed Toucan Set to Receive 3D Printed Beak
What is a bird without its beak? Usually it is a sad tragedy. The bird will not be able to eat, drink or defend itself effectively and is likely doomed to die. This was the case for a toucan...
Australia's Oldest Man Dedicates His Time Knitting Sweaters for Penguins
At 109-years-old, Alfred "Alfie" Date doesn't have a lot of time left in this world, but with the time he does have left, he has dedicated it to helping animals in a unique and worthwhile way. As a prolific knitter,
Pangolins: The World's Most Trafficked Mammal
You may be surprised to learn that the pangolin is the most trafficked animal in the world. It's a problem that is growing out of control as the populations of larger species (such as rhinos and elephants) continue to decline.
How to Spot a Dog Flipper
If you haven't heard of dog flipping, you are not alone. Dog flipping is the act of purchasing dogs from backyard breeders, getting them as free to good home pets from websites or just downright stealing them before selling them...
18 Horses Dead in Oklahoma
A total of 18 horses and 6 cows were found dead on farm in Muskogee, Oklahoma on Saturday, February 7 2015. The remaining 200 animals have been removed and are currently receiving veterinary care.
From Hell to Heaven - Budi the Baby Orangutan's Incredible Journey
Budi the baby orangutan spent the early portion of his life much like how a lot of baby animals in Indonesia end up these days - in a cage with someone ill-prepared to raise him. Budi spent the first ten...
Homes Found for Armstrong Horses
The results are in following the Valley Auction where 100 horses in Armstrong were auctioned off this afternoon. The fates of these horses having been so unsure these past couple weeks are now sealed for the better.
Sheep in Sheep Dog's Clothing - The Lamb That Thinks She is a Sheep Dog
She goes on walks with her owners every day, she wags her tail when she is happy, but she is not a dog, but rather a lamb. This particular little lamb was adopted by a pack of Border Collies in...
Meet the Newest Member of the Budweiser Clydesdale Family!
Meet the newest member of the Budweiser Clydesdale family! "Arizona" was born at Warm Springs Ranch on February 1, 2015 just minutes before Budweiser's "Lost Dog" commercial aired during Super Bowl XLIX.
Smart Spaniel Learns a New Trick Every Day for Charity
Lynn Stacey of the United Kingdom, who has a variety of disabilities, states that she would be lost without her assistance dog, as many other assistance dog owners would agree. It's lucky that her Cocker Spaniel Bella is such a...
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