Spiderdog - The Terror of the Streets of Poland
Any animal lover that has a Facebook or a serious Youtube addiction has undoubtedly already heard of spiderdog. This mutant breed of half-dog, half-spider has become a viral sensation as viewers watch it terrorize the people of Poland and litter...
Brangelina's Wedding Gift: A Loving Pair of Rescued Chinchillas
After learning that a chincilla breeder was planning on electrocuting hundreds of animals if she could not sell her business, PETA US stepped in and saved every single animal PETA US recently closed down one of the largest chinchilla ranches in...
A Baby Goat Playing with a Litter of Puppies is the Cutest Thing You'll See All Day!
These videos of a baby goat named "Pipsqueak" trying to play with a litter of puppies is absolutely the cutest thing you'll see all day!
I'll Have a Skinny Latte and some Cat Love Please
Once considered a passing fad, ‘neko’ (cat) cafés are now extremely popular in Japan. Customers pay for the time they spend with the kitties, while caring staff make sure everyone gets along. Fees are similar across the city and longer packages...
Unlikely Friendships: Cats and Other Species
Sometimes a cat owner will have the opportunity to adopt another pet - either another cat or an entirely different species of animal. Before you commit to having another four-legged member of your family, it's helpful to consider the early...
Sometimes It's Tough Being an Editor's Cat
Stevie, one of our editor's cats, sleeping with her tongue out after a hard day.
Dog Teaches Baby to Crawl (VIDEO)
Buddy the dog teaches his human baby how to walk.
Meet Tifa - The Cat Who Thinks She's A Dog (VIDEO)
Six month old Tifa the cat thinks she is a dog!
Does Your Horse Need a Kiddie Pool? (VIDEO)
A cute video of a horse splashing around in a kiddie pool.
This English Bulldog is a Would-Be Cartoon Character
Meet Apollo, the English Bulldog who snores like a cartoon character.
Fred The Dog Thinks He's an Elephant (VIDEO)
Have you ever met a dog who wants to be an elephant? Well, you're about to...
French Bulldog Wants on the Couch (VIDEO)
This little French Bulldog just wants to have some cuddle time on the couch. You have to watch to the end!
This Adorable Great Dane Puppy Has a Bad Case of the Monday's
Cute video of a Great Dane puppy who really doesn't want to get out of bed.
French Bulldog Puppy VS Springy Doorstop
Meet Carlos who has officially discovered his new favourite toy.
Confessions Of A Crazy-Cat-Lady: Here Comes The Cat, Here Comes The Cat
I have a confession to make. My name is Vickie...
Confessions Of A Crazy-Cat-Lady: The Battle Of Bad Breath
This Week: “I Love The Smell Of Cat Toothpaste In The Morning”
Happy Dogs Hit the Beach in Australia
Inspired by Pharrell William's international "Happy" hit, check out this great video of dogs and cat playing at the beach that is sure to inspire those fuzzy feelings.
Ever Seen a Cat Pitch a Baseball?
Tara, the hero cat who saved her 4 year old boy from a vicious dog, shows off her baseball pitch.
Confessions Of A Crazy-Cat-Lady: ‘It’s Less About Frumpy And More About Feisty’
I have a confession to make. My name is Vickie and I am a Crazy-Cat-Lady. I buy lint rollers in bulk. I find it hard to put a cardboard box in the recycling bin, just in case my cat decides that...
The Sausage Thief (VIDEO)
Keep an eye on this adorable Chihuahua mix as his cuteness helps him steal sausages from his big brothers.
Confessions Of A Crazy-Cat-Lady: Guilty Pleasures
I have a confession to make. My name is Vickie and I am a Crazy-Cat-Lady. I respond to my cat’s random meows with full sentences. I’ve given up even trying to wear black. And I strongly believe that it is normal...
Confessions Of A Crazy-Cat-Lady: By George
This Week: Why The Humble House Cat Is As Irresistible As George Clooney
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