There’s moose on the loose!

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A fun news story today of a young moose caused quite a stir at an Anchorage hospital this week after it wandered inside the building and proceeded to munch on some plants. The unexpected visitor made its way into a courtyard at Providence Alaska Medical Center on Tuesday, much to the surprise of staff and … Read more

Hopping into action: Meet the police force’s furry new recruit, Wellness Officer Percy

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Today’s news story is that of the Yuba City Police Department in California, who recently welcomed a new addition to their team: Wellness Officer Percy. Percy, a friendly and docile rabbit, was part of the department’s wellness program, which promoted the importance of prioritizing mental and physical health for employees and their families. During the … Read more

Race against time: pup family’s desperate fight for life as euthanasia looms, fate hangs in the balance!

Maggie and Diesel
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Promised euthanasia, friendly pups gets unexpected new start.  Rescued from certain death, a family of dogs has a second chance at life thanks to the efforts of compassionate volunteers. Maggie and Diesel were almost out of time, but fortunately, these two canines were saved from certain death by kind-hearted volunteers. They have been given a … Read more

Danger lurking in your backyard: Spring pet safety tips you can’t ignore

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Hey there dog owners! With spring in full swing, it’s important to make sure your furry friends are staying safe and healthy during this season of new beginnings. So, let’s go over some spring pet safety tips specifically for dogs. One of the top concerns during spring is fleas and ticks. These parasites can pose … Read more

Snooty the Shark: the smile that stole our hearts

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In today’s news story, learn about Snooty the Shark,  a beloved creature that has captured the hearts of many people around the world. Known for his friendly demeanor and his unique appearance, Snooty has become an icon in the world of marine life. Snooty is a tiger shark that was first discovered off the coast … Read more

The power of the internet: the heartwarming story of Fishtopher the cat

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Today’s rescue tale tells inspiring story of Fishtopher the cat!  This loveable but supposedly ‘depressed’ feline become somewhat of an internet sensation in recent years. Originally known for his sad and lonely demeanor, Fishtopher’s story has a happy ending thanks to the power of the internet. A Sad and Lonely Cat Fishtopher was a cat … Read more

Celebrating 2023 with pride: the white house’s commemorative farmers’ egg

Celebrating 2023 with pride: the white house's commemorative farmers' egg
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The White House is proud to announce the launch of its commemorative Farmer’s Egg for 2023. This unique egg pays tribute to the hardworking farmers of America and celebrates the country’s diversity and unity. This special edition egg is a symbol of pride for the nation, and it’s sure to bring joy to all. The … Read more

Desperate orphaned black Asian bears rescued and rehabilitated in India

Kala and Kalee
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Today’s inspiring story showcases the successful rehabilitation and upcoming release of Asiatic black bear cubs, Kala and Kalee, who were rescued and brought to the Centre for Bear Rehabilitation and Conservation The cubs were taken to the Centre for Bear Rehabilitation and Conservation (CBRC), a facility created by IFAW-WTI to help orphaned black Asian bears … Read more

Ending animal suffering this easter: why your eggs matter

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This Easter, we all have the power to end animal suffering by making conscious choices when it comes to Easter eggs. By ensuring that the eggs we purchase are humanely-sourced, we can make a significant difference in the lives of many animals. During this time of reflection and joy, it’s important to give back to … Read more

Uncovering the History of the Easter Bunny

Uncovering the History of the Easter Bunny
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Easter is a beloved holiday celebrated around the world, and the Easter Bunny is one of its most iconic symbols. In this article, we will be uncovering the history of the Easter Bunny and discovering how it became such a beloved part of this holiday. If you’re an Easter Bunny lover, then you won’t want … Read more

Miracle reunion: Family emotionally reunites with elderly dog missing for 3 years

Mr Binky
(c) Dorchester Paws

Today’s inspiring news: Dorchester Paws, a local animal shelter in Lowcountry, received a small 18-year-old pup Binky who was in dire need of medical attention. Upon arrival, the staff noticed that Binky was severely malnourished and had matted fur, rotting teeth, overgrown nails, and was covered in fleas. Little did they know, a family had … Read more

Should bunny adoption be banned this Easter?

Should bunny adoption be banned this Easter
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As Easter approached last year, many people considered buying bunnies as pets. However, in 2022, pet retailer Pets At Home took a stand against impulse buying and irresponsible pet ownership by banning the sale of rabbits during the Easter period. The decision was met with mixed reactions, but the retailer hoped it would encourage people … Read more

Astonishing animal alliances: the deep friendship between an elephant and a dog

news 3
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A heart-warming story of companionship. When elephants and dogs they play together, it’s hard to believe, but they seem to have an almost human-like bond. This close relationship is not only beautiful to watch, but it also has a positive impact on both species. Elephants and dogs have been known to offer each other comfort … Read more

The rise of the corgi chefs: hammy and olivia’s barkcuterie cookbook

The rise of the corgi chefs: hammy and olivia's barkcuterie cookbook
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Corgis Hammy and Olivia have been making headlines recently with the release of their Barkcuterie Cookbook. The cookbook, which features recipes inspired by their favorite foods, has become popular with dog owners around the world. It’s no surprise that this dynamic duo has become known as the Corgi Chefs. About Hammy and Olivia Hammy and … Read more