Kady relaxing on August 29th, 2014
Credit: Rose Webster / All rights reserved
Last year (2013), our wonderful veterinarian Dr. Etchells emailed me and told us about a stray pregnant cat that was found under the porch of another pet owner. Unfortunately, this cat wasn't microchipped and an owner couldn't be found.
So, the good doctor took care of this gorgeous cat who soon gave birth to seven kittens in her bathroom tub.
The good news is that all of the surviving kittens found good homes (thanks to the vet and her amazing staff).
The next step was to find a home for this beautiful mother cat, aptly given the nickname "Mama Cat" by Dr. Etchells and staff.
I initially wrote about Kady, our newest rescue cat, on another writing platform; however that platform is no more. (So if you have deja vu reading this, you aren't half nuts).

About Derry Road Animal Hospital

The Derry Road Animal Hospital is a companion animal hospital offering a wide range of services including (but not limited to): dentistry, on-site X-rays and ECGs, behavioral counseling, boarding, emergency care, surgical services and the highest standard of anesthesia available (with a warm water circulating blanket).

I'm also impressed by their comprehensive Pet Medical Library.

Up next is a couple of photos of Mama Cat at the Derry Road Animal Hospital (circa May 2013).

Mama Cat (left photo taken by Dr. Etchells)

Mama Cat is saying good-bye to Sully, her first baby (23/05/2013)

Kady at Derry Road Animal Hospital
Credit: Derry Road Animal Hospital Staff / Used with Permission

Dr. Etchells Told Me a Bit About Mama Cat

Before I came into Derry Road Animal Hospital to be interviewed by Mama Cat (to see if I was good enough to be her humble servant), Dr. Etchells told me the following about this lovely cat:

  • She's very friendly
  • Judging by her teeth, she's about 2 years old
  • She's been vaccinated, dewormed, and tested negative for both feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus
  • She'll be spayed in about two weeks, once her milk dries up
  • She doesn't have a name but is aptly referred to as "Mama Cat"

Okay, let's meet and see if she likes me. Up next is a few photos of me at Derry Road Animal Hospital.

Me browsing a book at Derry Road Animal Hospital
Credit: Rose Webster / All rights reserved
About to pick up Mama Cat and She Purred!
Credit: Rose Webster / All rights reserved

On June 1st, 2013 I Adopted Mama Cat

Lucky for all of us, she seemed to like our home. As you may have guessed, she had a voracious appetite. Living under a porch (for God only knows how long) and giving birth recently must have left her feeling extremely hungry.

My Daughter Fed Mama Cat for the First Time
Credit: Rose Webster / All rights reserved

Mama Cat loves to just hang out on the stairs

Mama Cat loves to hang out on the stairs
Credit: Rose Webster / All rights reserved

Giving Mama Cat a Name

Since our other cats owned our home before my daughter arrived, we decided to let my daughter give Mama Cat a real name. Her babies all had good homes, so she wasn't a mother cat now (plus my daughter couldn't wait to give her a new name).
Some of the names tossed around included: Lucky, Whiskers, Annabelle, Matilda, Sousacat, Smoky, Mama Cat Derry, Big Eyes, Oreo, Buttons, Destiny, Moonlight, Ashes, Boots, and Emerald (Emmy for short).

But She Responded the Most to the Name Kady

Kady given a name
Credit: Rose Webster / All rights reserved

Things Kady Likes to Do

Bunny VisitRose Webster / All rights reservedKady especially enjoys keeping an eye on our backyard. Occasionally a bunny rabbit, also known as an Eastern cottontail (Sylvilagus floridanus), drops by. When he does, Kady is riveted and watches every move this rabbit makes. Sometimes she runs about excitedly from window-to-window.

And I always remind this bunny to bring his friends back to feast on our dandelion greens (less weeds for my man-servant to pull) but the most I've seen at any one time is three bunnies. Oh, and the occasional skunk. 

Kady is an indoor cat (we won't let her out) since we don't want to lose her or have her kill birds or whatever else can happen in the big bad world. She never seems to attempt to get out either (thank goodness).

Hidden Artistic Talent

In December 2013, I was astonished to find Kady drawing Merry Christmas on my daughter's chalkboard.

She has since been commissioned to create other fine works of art. Understandably, she's very protective of copyright infringements and her intellectual property (so I didn't feel right asking her to showcase her other artwork for this article).

Happily, she gave her express permission to me to share the following photo of her recreating the original artwork I saw her draw (with chalk in paw) back in December 2013. 

I Don't Know How She Does It

But somehow Kady can hover in the air as she draws

Kady draws Merry Christmas on Chalkboard
Credit: Rose Webster / All rights reserved

Kady is Intuitive, a Friend and a Healer

Kady massaging my migraineRose Webster / All rights reservedAt first I thought I was imagining things, but Kady seems to sense whenever I have a migraine. She'll even attempt to massage my head.

When I researched Do Cats Sense Human Illness?, I found out that some cats have an uncanny ability to alert their owners to impending danger such as a medical emergency, gas leak, or house fire.

Every year, cats and dogs (and so far, a horse) have been inducted into Canada's Purina Hall of Fame for such heroics.

Kady is my massage therapist.

Do You Own a Cat?

If so, does s/he have any special hidden talents too?

I'd love to hear about your pet and anything unique or special you'd like to share about him or her. 

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