Cat Snares
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Inhumane Snare Nooses Are Still Legal In The UK, Despite The Suffering The Nation’s Pets

The UK’s oldest cat charity is backing a campaign to ban snares in a bid to end the horrific injuries and painful deaths suffered by cats when they get caught in these inhumane traps. The Cats Protection charity is supporting a petition that calls for a complete ban on the manufacture, sale and use of snares across England and Wales, and it is urging people to support cat welfare by adding their signatures. The petition is being run by the League Against Cruel Sports and if it attracts enough signatures it is hoped the issue will be debated in Parliament and bring about a much-needed change in the law. Snares are thin wire nooses that are commonly used by gamekeepers to catch foxes, rabbits and stoats. However, snares do not discriminate and other animals, such as cats, often get caught in them, causing immense suffering. Snaring has been banned across the most of Europe, but is still legal in the UK.

Jacqui Cuff, Cats Protection’s advocacy manager said: “This subject has long been very close to our hearts because we hear of the terrible injuries snares inflict on cats, whether they are domestic pets, strays or ferals.

“A report by the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs found that almost 30 per cent of rabbit snare users had caught a cat. We want to do all we can to bring about a total ban on the use of snares – in the interests of not only cats but all animals. Snares are cruel and unnecessary and simply not appropriate in a modern, humane society.” Rebecca Taylor, head of campaigns for the League Against Cruel Sports said: “Snaring is one of the cruellest forms of animal abuse. Thousands of animals, including domestic cats and dogs, fall victim to snares every day, yet shockingly, the practice continues to remain legal in the UK.

“Current voluntary codes of practice do not work; a complete ban on snaring is the only way to stop the suffering caused by these barbaric devices.” To lend your support, please visit

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