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Dirt and dogs just seem to go hand in hand – after all, the scarier that pile of stuff is, the better it is to roll in! So to keep your pooch looking and smelling his best, follow these tips and you’ll both be happy with the results.

1. Keep it fun.

The last thing you want to do is teach your dog that bath time is to be dreaded. Have some treats set aside, such as tasty chew sticks or a new squeaky toy. If you’re both new to the experience, try giving them small bites of chicken when you put him in the tub, turn on the water and when the bath is over. Be calm and gentle even if your dog isn’t.

2. Before he goes in the water, give your pup a good brushing.

You’ll remove excess hair and detangle small knots, thereby making the washing more effective. Look for ticks or scratches and enjoy your time with your best friend.

3. Have a good pet shampoo.

If your buddy doesn’t have any skin conditions that require medicated shampoo, choose something mild and conditioning. Having a bath dries out your dog’s skin and you want to avoid human shampoos, which are too harsh and drying. If your dog scratches after a bath, try using a conditioner.

4. Put a mat or towel in the tub.

Porcelain is slippery and a little scary. Give your pup something secure under his feet and they’ll be calmer during the bath. Avoid splashing their face while rinsing, and don’t forget that a good ear-rubbing goes a long way.

5. After the rinse, towel-dry your pooch with a thick, absorbent towel.

If you want to blow-dry them, remember that the noise can be alarming and he might hate it at first. Use a low setting and be careful about burning or drying out his skin.

6. End bath time with a treat and some quality time together.

You want your dog to associate the entire bath experience with fun and happiness. Limit baths to once a month unless you have a medical need to wash him more often. Try damp wipes to keep him fresh in between baths and brush often. Keep all the grooming fun and your dog will be co-operative and happy when you pull out the brush basket.


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