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Animal charities are capable of pulling at the heartstrings of even the coldest of people, but somehow fundraising for animal shelters is often overlooked. You can help them to get their fair share of funding – and have some great fun in the process – by getting your pet involved in the fundraising effort.

1. Sponsored Dog Walk

People walk for all sorts of charities, so why not put those furry little balls of energy we call dogs to work at it? A sponsored dog walk is much like any other walk-a-thon. Participants gather donations from sponsors for every mile or so that they and their dog walk and it all gets donated to a local animal charity. It's a great way for dog owners to do something good while getting some exercise and wearing away at their dog's endless energy all at the same time.

2. Pet Costume Contest

It is no secret these days that people like to dress up their pets in cute little costumes. Why not make a charity event of it? Charge an entrance fee and garner donations from the crowd during the event. Some of it can go to a prize to help attract participants, while the rest can be donated to charity.

3. Pet Food Donation and Food Stall

Animal shelters don't just need money; they also need food donations. To help local animal shelters cut down on costs and help feed stray animals, set up a food stall. Trade items like hot dogs or ‘puppy chow’ – the kind made from cereal, peanut butter and sugar – for bags and cans of cat or dog food. This way, the people get fed and the pets get fed – everyone is happy.

4. Host Your Own Pet Show

Everyone loves a pet show. Set up the event, charge an admission fee and let the local animal lovers go wild. It’s even better if someone who has watched a lot of Kennel Club shows will pretend to be one of those snooty judges! There can even be a talent section or obstacle event to keep things interesting.

5. Pet Parades

Have you ever been to a puppy or kitten parade? They are quite possibly the cutest things in the world. Literally everyone loves baby animals, especially in cute costumes. And they are a great way to help raise funds.

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