spider dog chica
Credit: Facebook / Chica the Dog Spider

Any animal lover that has a Facebook or a serious Youtube addiction has undoubtedly already heard of spiderdog. This mutant breed of half-dog, half-spider has become a viral sensation as viewers watch it terrorize the people of Poland and litter the country's streets with its webs. In reality, Chica is just a dog in a cute, but realistic from afar, spider costume.

Chica and her costume are the product of her owner's imagination. Incorrigible prankster Sylvester (Sa) Wardega dressed his sister's mixed breed pup up and set her loose on the streets of Poland.

"Preparation for the film began a few months ago: I found a cheap faux fur and I carried it to the seamstress. I told her the idea, but the first results were not satisfactory. We changed the costume three times and finally managed to create something light and good-looking," explained Wardega.

He blanketed certain locations with webbing and lurked with Chica just waiting to set her loose, including doorways and an elevator. Everyone has a fear of spiders, especially the big ones. So seeing a massive spider-like object rushing towards you is clearly terrifying. This was all demonstrated in Chica's Youtube video that has gathered 59 million views in just four short days since it went live on September 4th.

Chica has even gotten her own Facebook page with around 73,000 likes which includes more videos of the now infamous spiderdog (or DogSpider) including one with Spiderman himself.

Although the video of spiderdog is hilarious, in a way it is also really quite impressive. Chica happily trots along in this bulky and realistic spider costume and obeys commands with ease. She is clearly a very intelligent dog to be able to lay in wait so patiently for passing by victims. Of course, eventually the victims realize that Chica is actually a harmless, albeit painfully adorable pooch, but seeing a large eight-legged creature rushing you in the dark is understandably shocking.

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