Most dogs don't like costumes: that's a fact. However, many dog-owners just love to embarrass their dogs when Halloween rolls around.

But why completely torture your dog when you can find a dog costume that they don't completely dislike wearing? One of the biggest tips to find a cute costume for a dog that they will actually wear without a fuss is to avoid hats. Dogs have whiskers on their face that they use to feel around, so a hat that is constantly touching them is maddening.
Here are some costume suggestions that keep both dog and dog-owners happy.

1. Make Your Dog a Hot Dog

The classic hot dog costume is not just limited to wiener dogs – all dogs look funny dressed as a hot dog. These costumes are relatively simple to make as well, as they are made of just two puffy tan sides of material and a hot dog coloured strip over the back, with the customary drizzle of mustard.

2. Spider Dog

Don’t dress your dog up as Spiderman – make them look like an actual spider instead. From a distance, this can really freak some people out! Simply sew on a raised bump onto the back of a black doggie coat and attach eight stuffed tubes of felt for legs.

3. Cerberus

Making a two extra heads for your dog requires some serious sewing knowledge, so buying the costume is probably your wisest option. The Cerberus costume for your dog pairs perfectly with a child's Harry Potter costume or devil costume.

4. Nibbler

For Futurama fans who have a black dog, dressing them as Nibbler – Leela's cute pet from Futurama – will be a big hit. The costume is simple enough to make too. All it requires is a red cape and a white eyeball on a black stem sticking up from their head. If your dog simply will not keep the eyeball on their head, you may just have to strap it on their back.

5. My Dog, The Sports Star

When in doubt about what to dress your dog as for Halloween, you can always turn to sports. Finding tiny doggie jerseys is a simple task and can make some pretty funny commentary. Find a sports star that is or has been in some kind of scandal and essentially you are saying they are a dog!

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