Waco’s Indian Spring Park To Host Paws In The Park

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The Humane Society of Central Texas is holding its annual free Paws in the Park fundraiser this weekend.

Grab your pooch and head to Waco’s Indian Spring Park on Saturday May 17 between 11am and 2pm for all manner of doggy-themed events.

This year's event will feature a one-mile "woof walk”; safety lessons for kids and pets; low cost vaccinations and microchips; demonstrations by the Waco Agility Group and Spay Street Waco information.

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But the highlight is certain to be the fun contests. Competition is sure to be fierce for the best trick, best costume and best pet/owner lookalike accolades!

And it’s all for a great cause. The Humane Society of Central Texas is committed to improving the quality of life for animals and people in Central Texas through humane sheltering, community education and advocacy on behalf of all animals.

The organization runs some fabulous programs that are well worth supporting:

1. Adoption Program    
Potential adopters are assisted by Pet Adoption Counselors and three staff pet trainers to help them select a new pet that will fit their lifestyle, energy level and home environment.

2. Foster Program
The Humane Society of Central Texas provides a temporary home environment for animals. Currently, more than 300 pets are in foster families throughout Central Texas. The flexible commitment varies with the foster family’s schedule, ranging from a single weekend to several weeks. A Foster-To-Adopt program is also available.

3. Volunteer Program    
This program offers a variety of volunteer positions, including dog-walking, cat playtime, office help and assisting with special events.

4. Lost & Found Program   
This program reunites lost pets with their owners. Lost and found pets are also posted on the organization’s Facebook page.

5. Rescue / Transport Program      
The Humane Society of Central Texas partners with an entire network of statewide breed-specific rescue groups to save many pure-bred and breed-mixes in order to free kennel space for other animals. Volunteer transporters drive the animals to destinations throughout Texas and the United States.

 6. “Help My Pet!”       
Trained and experienced staff members provide complimentary advice to local pet owners to help them redirect behavior patterns such as digging, food bowl aggression, soiling and nipping. This is a no-cost service offered in order to prevent animal surrenders.


7. Littlest Pet Lifeline     
“LPL” saves orphaned “bottle baby” kittens and puppies brought to the shelter by placing them in specially trained foster homes until they are old enough to be adopted. It also provides foster homes for nursing mothers and their litters until they are old enough to be adopted.

8. Trap-Neuter-Return Program  
Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) offers a “no-kill” option to feral cat overpopulation issues. Free-roaming cats are spayed/neutered, given a rabies vaccination and a “left ear tip” for identification and then returned to live at their “colony.”


9. Barn Cat Buddies     
The Humane Society of Central Texas’ Barn Cat Buddies program supports feral cats that prefer outdoor living. HSCT takes the equipment and supplies for a two-week acclimation process. The cats are then released to start their jobs on the ranch as mousers. Feral cats are not socialized to humans and prefer to come out at night. They provide "natural pest control" and help farmers and ranchers battle rodents and snakes.

10. Pet Owner Disaster Preparedness 
The shelter encourages central Texas pet owners to include their pets in their family emergency plan, and assemble a “pet kit” with food, water, copies of vaccination records and supplies in the event of an emergency, bad weather or evacuation. The shelter is also a FEMA-designated “Disaster Response Shelter”.

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