Dog Show

The claws are ready to come out as once again as the annual Westminster Dog Show is officially underway. From tiny Chihuahuas that fit in your hand to Great Danes as big as a person, just short of 3,000 dogs and their handlers have flocked to New York City to show their skills in this prestigious competition. However, in between the trials of this two-day event, the iconic New Yorker Hotel that once housed famous guests such as John F. Kennedy, Muhammad Ali and Nikola Tesla is packed full of pups who need a place to stay in the massive city.

Located just across the street from Penn Station and Madison Square Garden where the dog show is held, the New Yorker has always made allowances for pets in their hotel. However, with the over abundance of barking mad guests, hotel officials have created special areas to make sure their furrier guests have a great stay.

The New Yorker has set up facilities to treat these potentially award winning pooches as if they were people. Each year they have set up exclusive Dog Spa packages which include grooming areas, blow dryers and complimentary dog treats. This year, however, the New Yorker has implemented revolutionary "Jog a Dog" treadmills so the more energetic dogs can work off some of that beauty pageant stress without getting mud on their paws. The New Yorker has also added in indoor potty areas so those not native to New York City will not have to figure out the etiquette to walking a dog in the concrete jungle.

These items have been donated to the hotel from sponsors such as Jog a Dog who donated four of their top of the line treadmills and Isle of Dog that are providing over 50 gallons of nourishing pet shampoo and conditioner to keep all of these show dogs looking and feeling their best. UltraLift, Inc. is also providing bathtubs to the hotel fit for dogs of any size as well as grooming tables. Pet owners are responsible for providing their own pet food for their dog's particular diet, but Natural Balance Pet Food, Inc.  is keeping the New Yorker packed full of treat samples.

Due to its close proximity to the Westminster Dog Show grounds at Madison Square Garden, the New Yorker is near booked up for this two-day event. However, plenty of people--even though they can't stay there--are constantly popping in to sneak a peek at these pristinely bred dogs that could earn the title of Best in Show.

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