Resolving to help animals
Credit: Hibbard

This year, instead of making the usual New Year's resolutions to lose 10 pounds or exercise every day, try making a resolution that you will actually keep – and help some animals in need.

1. Volunteer At An Animal Shelter

No matter where you live, there is always an animal shelter nearby and it needs volunteers to help it take care of its many abandoned animals. Sure, it may involve cleaning dirty cages or feeding the animals, but these pets need attention and care like any other animal. Animal shelters usually lack the funding to hire many full time members of staff, so they depend upon volunteers.

2. Walking The Dog

It is easy to just take your dog out so they can do their business, but they need exercise. Make a resolution to take your dog for more walks, or even to walk an elderly neighbour’s dog for them.

3. Plant For The Birds

Like berries or sunflower seeds? What a coincidence! So do the birds. This year plant a berry bush, a few sunflowers or even a mulberry tree for the birds to enjoy. If you are lucky, you might even get a few berries yourself if you’re quick.

4. Adopt an Older Animal

If you are planning on bringing a new pet into the family, consider adopting a senior animal.  It is an unfortunate truth that most people want to adopt puppies, kittens or other young animals.  Older animals have a much more difficult time finding a home but are equally loveable and are often already house broken.  

5. Symbolically Adopt An Animal

Cats and dogs aren't the only animals that need help. Each day hundreds of wild animals are losing their habitat, breeding grounds and even their lives. Visit the website of the World Wildlife Fund or likeminded organizations and symbolically adopt one of these animals.

6. Spend More Time With Your Pet

You get home every day, feed your pet and maybe spend a few minutes with them. This year, vow to spend a little bit more time with them. They love you and just want to spend some time with you. Play a game of fetch or watch your cat go crazy over a laser pointer. It will make you feel better.

7. Give To A Pet Food Bank

Pets also have a food bank. These pet food banks collect donations to give to animal shelters to help feed all those abandoned pets that they have picked up off the street.

8. Foster a Pet

Animal rescues have limited space, and while they try to find appropriate homes for rescued animals, sometimes they run out of space.  By offering to provide a temporary home for a rescued animal you help both the rescue as well as the fostered animal.  The animal gets the love and attention they deserve while they wait for a permanent home and the rescue has extra space to take on other animals in need.

9. Give To An Animal Charity

If you have nothing else to give, you always have the ability to give money. There are thousands of animal charities out there that need donations badly to help animals. Help them to help the animals.

10. Switch To Cruelty Free Products

Make the resolution this year to make the switch to cruelty-free makeup or hygiene products. Many companies test on animals, but they do not advertise it. Take some time to do the research and switch to a cruelty free company.

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