Many people head for the shelter with the idea of finding a kitten to bring home. Yes, kittens are adorable, but they require time and attention to help them find their place in the home. Most families would do very well with adopting an older cat and for some it’s the ideal solution. If you are thinking about adding a feline to your family, here are 10 reasons why a senior cat is a good choice...

  1. An older cat has a developed personality. You know what they’re like when you meet them and it’s easier to decide if the kitty fits into your lifestyle and home.
  2. Senior cats don’t chew on shoes and furniture. Young cats gnaw on things while teething and practicing their pouncing techniques. Mature cats are past all that silly youngster stuff.
  3. Older cats need less supervision than kittens. They are curious, but don’t feel the need to explore all the tiny places or get stuck under the chair.
  4. Senior cats are litter-box trained, neutered and calm. You won’t need to worry about late-night stampedes across the bed.
  5. A senior cat is much less likely to attack the neighborhood birds.
  6. After a stressful day at work, a senior cat is a calm presence to come home to. A kitten will want to race and play instead of quietly welcoming you back.
  7. Adult cats like to sleep through the night. They’ll choose a comfortable place such as the foot of your bed and settle down when you slip under the covers. A kitten enjoys attacking anything that moves – like your foot under the blankets.
  8. Grown up kitties don’t climb up the curtains and window screens. Kittens are exploring their new-found claws and they use them to go up everything. Even your legs aren’t safe, if they look fun to climb.
  9. Senior cats do well with small children. Young cats can’t retract their claws and their play can get rough, while senior cats are patient and gentle. They tend to deal with uncomfortable situations by leaving instead of fighting back.
  10. Older cats have often just lost everything they know and love. They are sad and confused, and they need someone to love them. Everyone wants a kitten, but adopting a senior kitty gives you a new friend who wants you back.
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