There is no doubt that your cat loves you as much as you love them. However, if you don’t ‘speak cat’, you can have a little difficulty understanding them when they’re trying to express their heartfelt love. Here’s how to tell when your cat is trying to say those three little words...

1. Head Bunting

Head bunting, or the act of touching their forehead to a body part of yours, is one of the biggest ways a cat shows that they care. When your cat touches their forehead to your face or hand, it releases endorphins in your cat and yourself.

2. Cheek Rubbing

Your cat rubbing their cheek against your face or your leg is another way of telling you how much you mean to them. This secretes various oils from their facial glands that ‘mark’ you. They like you enough to claim you as their own.

3. Tail Twitching

A cat's tail is like a radar for your cat’s mood. When a cat is frightened, it will puff out. However, when a cat lazily strides up to you with their tail in the air and the tip twitching, it's showing how happy they are to see you.

4. Grooming You

From the very first moments of their lives, cats are shown how much they are loved by their mothers by grooming. That is immediately how they are taught to show love for someone. So if your cat starts grooming you, it's only because they care.

5. Love Bites

While it may be slightly painful for us, cats use bites to express love for others. Cats have thicker skin than we do, so your cat may not know that their love bites actually hurt. Don't punish your cat for showing their love.

6. Slowly Blinking At You

Maintaining a steady stare with you is the equivalent of being kissed by a cat, especially if they blink slowly at you. It's basically them telling you how much they trust you, so don't expect them to be throwing out stares for just any old houseguest.

7. Revving Up The Purr Machine

When kittens are born, they don't have the ability to see, so to find their mother they listen for her purr. Later in life, cats use purring to calm themselves during stressful situations. When they are lounging around on your lap getting a solid petting and purring up a storm, it's like a vacation with a lover for them.

8. Kneading Paws On Your Lap

It may seem like your cat is just trying to soften up your lap, but kneading their paws or claws on your lap is another sign of affection. Some theorize that it can be traced back to when they were nuzzling their mother for milk.

9. Bringing You ‘Gifts’

Cats, in their most basic and primal forms, are hunters. As part of their pack, you are entitled to a cut of the hunt. So when you find a dead bird by your feet or a mouse head on your pillow, they're not trying to be gross. They are trying to share because they love you.

10. Napping On You

This is the ultimate form of showing trust and love. Cats are most vulnerable when they are sleeping, so if you find your cat taking a little snooze on your lap, you know they really love you. They want to be near you and trust you enough to protect them while they slee


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