With the current health trend moving toward organic and raw food to promote better health owners are beginning to promote the same with their pets.  Looking for food that is more natural and with less fillers as well as natural and holistic approaches to medical care owners are looking to promote better health in their pets as well.  This article is going to focus on medial remedies, both preventative and therapeutic that you can find around your house helping to avoid costly vet bills.

No matter where you reside one small little pest seems to live everywhere and can be a nuisance not only for your dog but potentially yourself or your family as well.  Fleas can cause excessive itching for your dog (and potentially more) and if left untreated can potentially then make your house their home as well.  One simple way to help prevent fleas is to feed your dog garlic as fleas do not like the taste and will instead find a different place to make their new home.  It is important to note though that it is recommended not to feed them concentrated amounts of garlic.  

There always seems to come a time when your dog gets into something they shouldn’t and manage to come in with scrapes and cuts.  We know we can control the cleanliness indoors but we aren’t able to control the cleanliness outdoors and left untreated cuts and scrapes can become infected.  Most of us have used Polysporin at one time or another to treat cuts or burns but have you tried it for your dog before?  Polysporin will help keep their cuts and scrapes from becoming infected and encourage the healing process to they’re back to feeling good as new sooner.

Just like in us one of the common things that can happen to dogs as they get older is they develop stiffer joints or arthritis.  As a way to help the symptoms you can purchase glucosamine (liquid or pill) from your local grocery store and use it for yourself and your dog.  It is recommended to start glucosamine earlier in your dog’s life to help prevent or minimize these symptoms later on.  Typically the cost of the ‘human glucosamine’ is less expensive than the ‘canine glucosamine’ and you can use the glucosamine with chondroitin for added benefit.

Allergies are common in people and are becoming more and more common in pets as well.  Two of the most common allergies in dogs are wheat/gluten and chicken.  If your dog has allergies to an outside factor such as grass, insects, etc. it is beneficial to have Benadryl handy for them.  Just like with people, Benadryl will help with the allergy symptoms providing them with relief. 

Calamine lotion has been known for its soothing properties for people but did you know it can be beneficial for dogs as well?  Whether they’re itching from a bug or flea bite or simply have dry or irritated skin calamine lotion can be applied to the affected area to help soothe the skin.  Some dogs will try to lick it off so using a bit of gauze and tape overtop can help prevent this.  In addition to calamine lotion, olive oil is a great item to add to their food daily.  It helps maintain a beautiful coat but also works from the inside out to help heal dry or flaking skin.

There usually comes a time in every dog’s life in which they aren’t feeling well and either aren’t interested in their regular meal or aren’t able to keep it down.  There are a couple simple things you can offer your dog to help them feel better and continue to eat but please keep in mind that it is important to evaluate each individual situation as the dog may need to visit a vet for professional care.  Try starting with something simple such as rice, boiled chicken (boneless and no salt) or chicken noodle soup (low sodium) in small amounts.  The more bland and simple the food is the easier it will be for your dog’s digestive system.  For a bit of extra nutrition cook the rice in chicken stock (low sodium) rather than water.  If needed, Pepto Bismol can be taken in small amounts to help settle their stomach as well.

There are many things around your home that can be used for dogs and many of these items we already have and use ourselves.  It’s always important to ensure dosage amounts are correct for the size of your dog as too much may cause other side effects.  Each person knows their own dog best and knows what may work well for them or not, it’s important to trust that relationship and bond which has developed during your time together.  

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