Dogs like social activities and there is no bigger social activity than a family meal. However, when your dog starts getting aggressive for scraps and the meal is dominated not by conversation, but by pawing and whining, it's a problem. 

Begging is more than just an annoyance; it can be dangerous. Human food is not dog food and it can lead to health problems, especially if your dog is prone to food allergies. Human food can also increase hyperactivity, anxiety and obesity in dogs. Below are some tips to stop your dog from begging.

1. Do Not Give Them Food

This is the most important rule. Once your dog has had a taste of human food, they will want it again, so it's best to just keep it from them all together. You can use a little meat as a treat on occasion, but when you are training a dog not to beg, do not give them any.

2. Make It A Family Commitment

Don't let your kids or spouse have a moment of weakness and slip them something under the table. Be firm, as a family.

3. Put Food In Their Dog Bowl

If you do give your dog a little human food as a treat, make sure you give it to them in the proper place — in their dog bowl. After awhile, your dog will realize that they only place they get food is from that one place, so they won't wait around the table.

4. Control Access To The Table

If your dog is having serious problems, it's best to keep them away from the table. Lock them outside or in another room while you eat. This is a last resort if all other forms of training have failed.

5. Train Them To Do Something Else Instead

Train your dog to do something else while you’re eating, like lying down an chewing a toy. This method takes patience, but your dog will learn that they can join in with family meals in a less annoying way.

6. Be Consistent

Whatever method you choose to stop your dogs begging, you have to commit to it. You can't just pick several. You need to commit yourself to one and stick to it. 

7. Eat When They Eat

This is a good method to earn a moment of peace during a meal. Do not feed your dog until you are ready to eat dinner. This way, by the time they finish, they should be too full to want to beg from anyone. 

8. Go For A Walk

Before dinner, take your dog for a nice long walk. The dog will be too worn out to beg when he returns. This works well with the above tip of feeding them during dinner.

9. Ignore Their Efforts

If after all these tips, your dog is still begging at the table, ignore them. Unless you are dishing out some discipline, do not even acknowledge that they are there. Be sure to administer discipline if they start getting aggressive about food. It is when they stop doing that then you will know your training is working.

10. Use Another Room As Punishment

Send them to another room when they start begging. Dogs are social creatures, so being away from the activity is a big punishment. It will eventually get to a point where you can shoo your dog and they will go there by themselves. It will ultimately discourage the bad behaviour.


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