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Everyone needs to get away sometimes – to go to a place where life seems much  simpler – and for  the horseback riding enthusiast, there is only one option: a guest ranch. Here are a few of our favourites…

Sundance Guest Ranch

Located in the province’s southern interior, Sundance Guest Ranch in Ashcroft is just a four hour drive from Vancouver. Sundance boasts a herd of 100 happy and healthy horses for guests enjoy whether they are seasoned riders or just starting out. 

The ranch offers two rides a day, each lasting two-to-three hours, and each rider is accompanied by an experienced ranch wrangler for their own safety. After a long day of riding, guests are offered hearty cuisine in a dining room that overlooks pasture land.

Free Rein Guest Ranch

The Free Rein Guest Ranch is located in the heart of the Cariboo countryside near Bridge Lake. Guests can head out and explore the mountainside, gallop through the grazing fields, or just hang back for newbie instruction from the ranch hands. 

This ranch also offers the authentic experience of getting guests involved with the everyday chores of running a ranch – so you can try everything from hauling water to the horses to sweeping out the stable. In the evenings there are barbecues and campfires to enjoy.

Three Bars Guest And Cattle Ranch

Located in prime Rocky Mountain country, Three Bars Guest and Cattle Ranch can be found near Cranbrook. This ranch offers  an invigorating taste of the ranch lifestyle with all the comforts of a world class resort. 

While they do offer training for the new riders, the area’s terrain very much lends itself to the practiced rider, making it a great place for the intermediate or expert level rider. There is also a golf course and volleyball court on the grounds.

Big Bar Guest Ranch

Nestling in the hills of Cariboo country, Big Bar Guest Ranch is located outside Clinton. This place oozes old fashioned hospitality and is the perfect choice for guests who want to sample a real Western atmosphere. 

Big Bar offers riding for all levels of riders. Trained riders can strike out on their own, while experienced wranglers will help new riders to hone their horseback abilities.

And in the cabins, guests won't want for wifi when they have wood burning stoves and breathtaking views of the lakeside to enjoy. 

Euchiniko Lakes Ranch

Euchiniko Lakes Ranch lies on eastern shore of Euchiniko Lake and the world famous trout fishing waters of the Blackwater River. 

This ranch offers world class fishing opportunities, big game hunting, and – of course – horseback riding. There is a horse for every rider, but the trails can also be experienced on foot. This is truly the vacation for any would-be outdoorsman that is looking to return to nature. 


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