Everyone knows that owning a pet can have psychological and physical benefits for you in the long term. Scientists claim that pet ownership can do everything from extending your lifespan to increasing your overall happiness. However, there are specific benefits that pet owners can reap from having a cat pouncing about their life.

1. A Cat Can Reduce Your Stress Levels

Have you ever come home from a tough day at work, spent some time lounging around petting your cat and felt pretty much instantly better? That's your cat helping you. 

One of the major psychological benefits of owning a cat is stress relief. Scientists have found that having an animal to care for, one that also unconditionally loves you, can help you feel better. The act of playing with your cat or simply petting them until they are purring up a storm has an innately soothing effect when it comes to stress and anxiety.

2. A Cat Can Boost Your Intelligence

According to a study of British pet owners, those who own cats are smarter than those who care for other pets. The study admitted that this isn’t due to cats using some sort of brain sorcery to make their owners smarter, but that smarter people work longer hours. So, as a cat is generally perceived to be lower maintenance than a dog, cat owners are usually smarter.

3. A Cat Can Improve Your Love Life

If you’re a single man, getting a cat may help you to make a love connection. A British poll found the 82 per cent of women were more attracted to men who owned a cat, as opposed to any other animal. Apparently, they see a man who owns a cat as a nicer guy than those who don't. It's quite the double standard, as if you are a single female who owns a cat you are suddenly that ‘crazy cat lady’!

4. A Cat Can Improve Your Heart Health

There are numerous studies that have found that owning a cat can greatly increase your heart health. The science behind it has a lot to do with the aforementioned fact that cats reduce stress. 

Scientists have found that cat owners are 40 per cent less likely to die of cardiovascular disease or heart attacks. Cat owners also have lower blood pressure, triglycerides and cholesterol levels as well. Clearly a recipe for a healthy heart calls for a healthy dosage of cat.

5. A Cat Decreases Asthma And Allergies In Children

Studies have shown that pet owner parents have children who are less likely to develop allergies. Getting them used to the animals at an early age helps children to foster immunity to allergies and reduces their chances of developing asthma.


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