Actress joins #BeCrueltyFree Canada campaign

eman 1Be Cruelty-Free

Passionate animal advocate and star of Lost Girl, Emmanuelle Vaugier, is calling on Canada to ban animal testing for cosmetics and beauty products.

The actress is making her plea on behalf of the Be Cruelty-Free Canada campaign, a partnership between the Animal Alliance of Canada and Humane Society International, part of the largest-ever global campaign for an end to cosmetics cruelty.

Vaugier debuted her campaign support with a Twitter selfie showing the actress wearing a Be Cruelty-Free t-shirt and bunny ears. She tweeted the message “I am an angry bunny because Canada tests cosmetics on animals!” and asked her fans to sign the online Be Cruelty-Free pledge.

 Emmanuelle VaugierEmmanuelle Vaugier

"We all use beauty products like shampoo or perfume every day,” said Vaugier. “But how often do we think about the animals who have suffered needlessly to test those products? If we could see rabbits with swollen eyes and sore skin every time we apply our make-up, we wouldn't feel beautiful at all. But it doesn't have to be that way; we can stop animal testing for cosmetics here in Canada. That's why I'm supporting the Be Cruelty-Free Canada campaign. I want a world without cosmetics cruelty."

Be Cruelty-Free helped passcosmetics animal testing bans throughout the European Union, as well as Norway, Israel and India, where existing safe ingredients and modern non-animal tests are used instead. Be Cruelty-Free has also succeeded in seeing draft legislation introduced in Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Taiwan and the United States. 

Liz White, director of Animal Alliance of Canada, said: “Animal testing for cosmetics is quite literally a dying practice. More and more countries around the world are banning it because it’s cruel, unreliable and completely unnecessary. The United Kingdom ended cosmetics animal testing nearly two decades ago, and the entire European Union banned it five years ago, so it’s time that Canada caught up and cut cosmetics cruelty too.”

Say “no” to cruel cosmetics in Canada by signing the Be Cruelty-Free pledge here.

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