DIY Dog Projects

DIY Dog Projects

If you are anything like me, your dog is more than just your best friend, they are a member of your family.  Since my dog is so important to me, I try to do as many things for him as possible and avoid having to buy mass produced products or pay for overpriced services.  Not only can you invest a little extra love into your four legged friend with these DIY dog projects, but you can also help save yourself a bit of money.

The Internet has made so much information accessible, that you can learn to build or do just about anything. Whether it is grooming, kennel building or even making doggie clothes, you can do it all yourself.

Still think you don't have the knowhow? Here are some helpful DIY Dog tutorials that prove that it can be done, all on your own.

DIY Dog Kennel

homemade dog kennel

If there are two things that are an absolute necessity in a dog owner's life, it is a kennel and tables. For this DIY dog kennel, the builder managed to combine both into one. The kennel provides a spacious place for pups to call their own while still being sturdy and eye-pleasing enough to serve as an end table.

Read the DIY Dog Kennel Tutorial via

Homemade Dog Crate

furniture dog crate
Alternatively, for those who aren't particularly handy with woodworking or don't have all the necessary tools to make a dog kennel from scratch, they can always reinvent an old piece of furniture into a homemade dog crate. It was the perfect size for their dog and only required a few small modifications. The best part is that it still looked and functioned as a piece of furniture in the room.

Read the Homemade Dog Crate Tutorial via The Fun Times Guide

DIY Dog Bed

DIY Dog BedHaving a dog bed is essential if you don't want to put up with four little paws digging into your back on your people bed. Unfortunately, buying a pet bed can be expensive as well as frustrating when looking for a particular size or type. The good news is that there are a number of different do it yourself, homemade options to create a fully functional dog bed that your pooch will be sure to love.

Read the DIY Dog Bed Tutorial via Thrifty Fun

DIY Dog House

diy dog house
For new dog owners that intend on keeping their new pup outside while they are at work or out and about, a dog house will become a must have addition to their yard. Those with a sheltered porch may be able to put it off during the warm summer months, but when winter hits, dogs will need an insulated dog house to spend those cold winter hours. Building a simple outside dog house take a little bit of knowhow, but it relatively easy to put together overall especially with these helpful directions.

Read the DIY Dog House Tutorial via Ron Hazelton

DIY Dog Fence

fenced dog kennel

When it comes to building a dog fence for the first time, it can be a daunting task. Dog owners have to consider placement for optimal shade and temperature as well as take into mind their dog's particular quirks. If they are diggers, there will need to be a layer of fence underground. If they are jumpers, the fence will need to be especially tall. However, simple chain link allows for an easy to build fenced dog kennel.

Read the DIY Dog Fence Tutorial via Family Handyman

DIY Dog Door

diy dog door
Dog doors allow pups to come and go as they please, generally making life easier for their owners. However, building a dog door is a little bit more complex than just cutting a hole. You have to make sure that it is actually big enough for your dog and that flap isn't loose enough to cause energy waste. A DIY dog door can be done, but whether or not your dog will use it is another story completely.

Read the DIY Dog Door Tutorial via Buildipedia

DIY Dog Run

DIY Dog Run
Placing a stake out in the yard may work on the short term for dogs that like to dig, jump or just generally escape yards. However, when a fence just isn't doing it, a dog run provides a more permanent option that still allows them to get exercise on their own without their owners worrying about their escape. Dog runs are easy to build and an excellent option for the dog who just can't stay home.

Read the DIY Dog Run Tutorial via Jenn And Snickers

DIY Dog Gate

diy dog gateFor dogs that love to beg or just can't stay out of the laundry basket, there is really only one solution - a baby gate. However, these little gates are not only ugly, they can be frustrating to open and close at the best of times. Why not make your own little doggy gate? A DIY dog gate can be made in your own color and design with an easy to open latch that works great for both dogs and babies.

Read the DIY Dog Gate Tutorial via Box Colonial

DIY Dog Stairs

DIY Dog StairsWhile you can buy a set of plastic dog stairs, more often than not, they will come up short where you need them. On top of that, store bought dog stairs aren't catered to your design. To make a set of your very own DIY dog stairs, all you need is a design in your mind and a few pieces of scrap lumber. You can mold these stairs to your specific height, design and spacing for the natural gait of your dog. Once you have the knowledge, you'll never go back to buying those plastic dog stairs again.

Read the DIY dog stairs tutorial via Baby To Boomer

DIY Dog Feeder

vintage dog feeder

For puppies or other small dog breeds, having the dog's food and water bowl on the floor is just fine. However, for bigger dogs, bending their neck for dinner or every time they take a drink puts undue strain on their spine. Luckily, elevated food dishes are both stylish in the home and easy to make like this vintage dog feeder.

Read the DIY Dog Feeder Tutorial via Design Sponge

DIY Dog AccessoriesMy Passion Media

Dog accessories are expensive. Dog crafts are fun.  Follow some of these home made dog accessory tutorials to save a bunch of money and feel good that your dog is wearing something you built with love.  Whether you are putting together a paracord dog leash for your pup or knitting them the most amazing dog sweater the world has ever seen, these DIY tutorials will help you get things done.

DIY Paracord Dog Leash

paracord leashParacord is all the rage these days. It used to be that it only made for a stylish bracelet for hikers and military personnel as it could easily transform into strong rope. It turns out that those stylish bracelets recently turned into stylish paracord dog collars and leashes as well. Even if your weaving capabilities aren't up to snuff, this easy tutorial makes it seem entirely possible to make a beautiful paracord dog leash.

Read the Paracord Dog Leash Tutorial via Foar Oak Crafts

Homemade Dog Toys

homemade dog toys

If your dog is anything like every other dog, they rip through dog toys like a whole ravenous pack of hounds. It's likely that there is the stuffingless corpse of some $10 stuffed hedgehog or squirrel on your floor right now. Instead of spending hundreds on dog toys that your pooch will destroy in a day, try recycling stuff around your house to make your own dog toys. Whether it is braided old t-shirts, treat stuffed empty cereal boxes, or PVC pipe puzzles, your dog is sure to love it and unlikely to spot the difference.

Read the Homemade Dog Toy Tutorial via Bark Post

How to Make a Dog Collar

homemade dog collar

Dog collars look like they should be hard to make, what with all their clips and loops. However, for those who have taken the time to look closely at the collars, they are pretty easy to replicate. With a few stylish strips of fabric and the parts for an old dog collar, anyone can make their own homemade dog collar that is sure to be the envy of the neighborhood.

Read the DIY Dog Collar Tutorial Via Sew it Love it

DIY Dog Sweater

diy dog sweaterYou don't need to be a knitting savant to make a sweater for your dog. In fact, you don't need to know how to knit at all for this DIY dog sweater. All you need is a spare sweatshirt, a measuring tape and a bit of cardboard to make a pattern. After just a little bit of snipping and sewing, your chilly short-haired dog will have a snug sweater.

Read the DIY dog sweater tutorial via Resweater

Dog Sweater Knitting Patterns

Dog Sweater Knitting Patterns
Alternatively, if you have knitting needles and know how to use them, the internet is filled with knitting patterns for dog sweaters. Some sites will demand you pay, but there are some places that offer up some creative dog sweater knitting patterns for free.

Enjoy this collection of Dog sweater knitting patterns via All Free Knitting

DIY Dog Booties

diy dog bootsThere are a lot of reasons to protect your dog's feet. Whether it because your sidewalk is covered with slippery ice, harmful salt or their sensitive paw pads just can't handle the cold, for these winter hardships, there are dog booties. Buying dog booties always come with certain risks, namely, your dog won't like to wear them. When it comes to foot coverings, simpler is better and it doesn't come any simpler than these DIY dog booties.

Read the DIY Dog Booties tutorial via Romp Rescue

DIY Dog Backpack

diy dog backpackWhile taking the dog with you when you go for some exercise is great for both dog and master, it does come with some downfalls. You never know when you are going to encounter your next water spigot or trash can, this means you could fall into the worst case scenario of trying to get a tired dog to run with you all while holding a bag or two of poop. Dog backpacks provide the answer to both problems. Not only can they carry their own poop bags until the next trash cans, but you can also have them carry their own water. The DIY dog backpack is likely to be the most complicated piece of DIY dog clothes, but if you can pull it off, you will never want to leave home without it.

Read the DIY Dog Backpack tutorial via Craftster

Cooking for Your Dog & Dog FoodMy Passion Media

It is bad enough that we as humans have to worry what kind of processed foods we are putting into our bodies.   Dog food has even less regulations in terms of what goes into their food.  Since we love our dogs much like a child, why not cook them a proper meal and avoid the risks associated with having to select the proper off the shelf food or treats.  These do it yourself dog food tutorials will show you how to cook everything from standard meals to special treats.

DIY Dog Food Storage

dog food containerAs every new dog owner finds out, if you let your dog food sit around in that floppy bag, not only will the dog eventually find their way inside, but it will make the entire house smell like pet food. Instead, try storing it a firm and easily closed hard container. It keeps the food fresh, keeps the dogs out and the smell remains inside. These DIY dog food storage containers can be literally anything with a lid and can me molded to any design. You can get as fancy or as simple as you wish, but we vote for fancy!

Read the DIY Dog Food Storage Tutorial Via Tidy Mom

Homemade Dog Food Recipes

homemade dog food recipesThere are literally thousands of suggestions on how to make your own dog food out there; however, tossing a few bits of people food together isn't going to cut it. Unlike most DIY dog food, commercially produced dog food is enriched with vitamins and nutrients that dogs need. These homemade dog food recipes are one of the few that actually acknowledge that homemade dog food doesn't always cover all of a dog's nutritional bases.

Get Plenty of Homemade Dog Food recipe ideas via Home Made Dog Food

Homemade Dry Dog Food

Homemade Dry Dog FoodHow do you pack all the nutrients that a dog needs into DIY dog food while still getting that kibble crunch? It used to be a mystery, but this homemade dry dog food recipe manages to make perfectly enriched dry dog food. Reading the list of ingredients is like reading off the ingredients of one of those super expensive natural dog foods too.

Read the Homemade Dry Dog food tutorial via The Bark

Grain Free Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Grain Free Homemade Dog Food RecipesThose who have made dog food in the past will know that it is near impossible to make it in bulk without the addition of grains. However, for those that still want to keep their dog food grain free, if you've got enough potatoes, green beans, carrots and ground turkey, you can make enough grain free homemade dog food to last a whole month.

Read these Grain free homemade dog food recipes via Water on the Floor

Homemade Puppy Food

homemade puppy foodNew puppy owners often skip making their own puppy chow, even if they have made homemade dog food in the past. Puppies need different nutrition with an easier to digest diet; however, making that at home is ridiculously easy, though pet owners should note that they will need to add supplements to the diet to ensure their pups grow up big and strong.

Read the Homemade Puppy Food Tutorial via Pet Grub

Raw Dog Food Recipes

Raw Dog Food RecipesIt might not be right for us humans, but a well thought out and prepared diet of raw dog food can keep your pooch healthy and in the best condition of their life for years to come. For a homemade raw dog food diet to work, pet owners will need to maintain a good variation in the meals. This allows dogs to get the optimum amount of different vitamins from different foods.

Learn about Raw Dog Food Recipes via cya Fido Savvy

Homemade Dog Treat Recipes

Homemade Dog Treat RecipesIt is likely that your pup loves human food more than the processed dog treats that you pick out at the store. Thankfully, DIY dog treatscombine the best of both worlds. Your pet gets a tasty treat that tricks them into believing they are getting a piece of your meal while owners get to know what is going into their dog treats. Pet owners that want to go above and beyond these recipes should also double check the list of food that your dog can't have first before experimenting.

Find amazing Homemade Dog Treat Recipes via Brit + Co

Organic Dog Treat Recipes

Organic Dog Treat RecipesThere are natural dog treats and there are organic dog treats. Those who make natural dog treats are a little less picky about their ingredients while organic dog treat makers used certified organic produce. This ensures that your dog is getting the healthiest ingredients in their homemade organic dog treats without an unhealthy dose of chemicals.

Learn about these Organic Dog Treat Recipes via Canine Journal

Vegan Dog Food Recipes

Vegan Dog Food RecipesVegan dog treats are perfectly fine, but those who are considering a wholly vegan diet for their dog should consult with a veterinarian first. Very few veterinarians, even holistic ones, will recommend a vegan diet for dogs, but those who want a healthier dog can put them on a healthy vegetarian diet with these vegan and vegetarian homemade dog foods.

Learn about Vegan Dog Food Recipes via Organic Pet Digest

What Human Food is Good for Dogs?

Sweet Potatoe first step in making your own DIY dog food is to know what foods that a dog should be eating. However, even those who don't want to make their own dog food should know the human foods that are good for dogs. Onions, garlic and chocolate? Big no-nos. Yogurt, pumpkins and sweet potatoes, on the other hand, are all good to go.

Learn what human food is good for dogs via Modern Dog Magazine

DIY Dog CareMy Passion Media

We all want to pamper our dogs right?  That doesn't mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars on products and services you could do at home with just a little education and practice.  These tutorials will go over everything from making your own dog shampoo to showing you how to trim your dogs nails all from the comfort of your own home.

DIY Dog Shampoo

dog shampoo

Creating homemade dog shampoo can be a tricky business. Unlike human shampoo, a dog shampoo needs to preserve the oils on hair rather than strip them off. Too harsh of a cleanser will leave a dog shedding skin and fur like crazy, while too much moisturizer will leave a dog feeling greasy. This DIY dog shampoo recipe manages to find the right balance of each that leaves a dog feeling soft and clean without being too greasy.

Read the DIY Dog Shampoo tutorial via First Home Love Life

DIY Dog Grooming

diy dog groomingSome do it to save money; others do it to bond with their dog. Regardless, it needs to be done. While many pet owners opt to take their dog to the groomers, it is something that can be done at home. Short-haired dog breeds are easy to groom while long-haired dogs will demand regular grooming for a healthy lifestyle. This handy little DIY dog grooming guide covers the home grooming of both short and long hair pets as well as everything in between. It is easily the best grooming checklist available on the internet.

Read this DIY Dog Grooming Tutorial via Small Dog Palace

DIY Dog Toothpaste

DIY Dog ToothpasteDoes your dog have horrible breath? In some cases this can be a sign of an underlying problem on the inside, but mostly it's just because your dog needs their teeth brushed. With a few simple ingredients that you likely already have around your household, you can make your very own homemade dog toothpaste that not only cleans teeth and freshens breath, but makes teeth whiter and healthier.

Read this DIY Dog Toothpaste tutorial via Dog Note Book

DIY Dog Cone

dog cone collarsVeterinarians don't often provide a dog cone collar after they treat injured pets. When you need a cone collar most are the times you are likely not to find them. However, there are a number of ways to make a protective dog collarfrom materials that are found right inside your home.

Read the DIY Dog Cone Tutorial via The Daily Puppy

DIY Dog Nail Trimming

DIY Dog Nail TrimmingFor about $10 you can get it done professionally by a groomer every month, but for the same price you can buy a pair of clippers and do it on your own. Most dogs have a natural aversion to nail clipping, but if left unclipped, they can be a danger to their health. This simple DIY nail clipping guide provides all the essential information for first time nail clippers.

Read the DIY Dog Nail Trimming Tutorial via Wag Work Wine

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