This Week: Thank You Charlize Theron! Rodriguez Carrington

I have a confession to make. My name is Vickie and I am a Crazy-Cat-Lady.

I buy lint rollers in bulk. I find it hard to put a cardboard box in the recycling bin, just in case my cat decides that it’s his new favourite place to nap. And I’m sleep deprived because my cat likes to run around my apartment all crazy-paws at 3am.

And I don’t mind.

Yes, I admit it. When it comes to Cat-Lady-Craziness, I’m a few eggs short of the full dozen.

The object of my crazy affections? Dave the Cat, an astonishingly handsome marmalade tabby with the heart of a lion and a penchant for belly rubs.

And my Crazy-Cat-Lady issue this week? Thank You Charlize Theron!

Say ‘Crazy-Cat-Lady’ and what image springs to mind? A frumpy-dumpy canckle-ridden middle aged woman with an affinity for ill-fitting polyester? Perhaps with a touch of unsightly facial hair and the aroma of litter hanging around her like a dense fog?

Yes, for too long, the Crazy-Cat-Lady has had bad press. She’s been disparaged, besmirched – vilified even. Well, I’m here to say enough is enough; I’m here to say, loud and proud, that Crazy-Cat-Ladies are sexy.

Yes, sexy. You heard me right, kittens.

It’s less about canckles and more about come-hither. It’s less about frumpy and more about feisty.

And it’s about time that we all embraced out inner Crazy-Cat-Lady sexiness. Crazy-Cat-Ladies are hot. Just look at the evidence...

Take Catwoman for example. A sexy screen icon if ever there was one, Catwoman is a lady to be reckoned with. She doesn’t mess around.

This deliciously-catty character was originally inspired by the curvaceous Jean Harlow; she has an insatiable taste for danger; she plays the love-hate relationship card with great aplomb; and she enjoys cracking the occasional whip.

Think Julie Newman, Ertha Kitt, Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry. She is Cat and she is Woman – and she just oozes feminine feline flirtiness.


And this week, the ranks of Cat-Craziness got an impressive new recruit: Charlize Theron, no less.

Yes, the lovely Charlize donned high-waisted pants, a downright frightening sweater (polyester, I’m pretty sure) and a painful mullet-wig to play a Crazy-Cat-Lady hosting a skit commercial for ‘Whiskers R' We’ pet rescue on Saturday Night Recent Celeb Gallery

Charlize and Kate McKinnon hilariously introduced a selection of kittens, like Damien for example: “Damien is a feline sociopath. It's not that he's evil. He lacks empathy and he goes into a dissociative state and commits atrocities.”

I think we’ve all met cats with a streak of Damian in them.

Yes, Charlize’s SNL character may have played up to the Crazy-Cat-Lady stereotype (A mullet? Polyester? Really? Really?), but it was all done in good humour.

Which, if you think about it, is one of the sexiest things about Crazy-Cat-Ladies: We’re funny.

And for that, we thank you, Charlize Theron. Welcome to the Crazy-Cat-Lady club!


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