carl the cat shot through the head with arrow

One cat in Portsmouth, Ohio is living proof that some cats truly do have nine lives after a heinous act of animal cruelty left him with an arrow through the head. Carl the cat was a stray that liked to hang around the Briar Berry Trailer Park as an 80-year-old woman fed the stray and allowed it to sleep on her porch. While the cat was lounging on the hood of a car, someone shot it through the head with an arrow.

The 80-year-old woman that took care of the cat rushed it to the vet upon seeing that it was still alive and paid for his vet bills. The animal clinic owner Tim Wells stated that the arrow had penetrated the base of the head and had gone through his right ear canal.

Although the story went viral throughout the city, it was originally posted on a local Portsmouth Facebook group called Portsmouth Pickers where people of the city go to buy and sell goods. This message as well as pictures were posted on the page:

"...He is still alive the vet said they won't know any damages till tomorrow because they gave him some pain medicine, and they sedated him so they can remove the arrow. This cat is a stray cat that the 80 year old lady kind of took in...She feeds him and he sleeps on her porch. She couldn't see to let him suffer like this and paid for him to go to the vet at Shawnee Animal Clinic. We had the sheriff out, and he said there wasn't anything he could do because we didn't see who shot this cat. This lady has agreed to pay the estimated vet bill of $475 because someone wanted to be stupid and cruel...I just want to warn people to watch their animals and their children that play outside that live in and around this trailer park. Thanks!"

The people on the Facebook page were enraged by this random act of cruelty and calls flooded the sheriff's station. The demanded justice but no one saw who actually shot the cat, so police offers stated nothing can be done. However, all the attention that the act garnered did help Carl find a home, though he still needs an operation to fix his ear canal.

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