More than 20 Million Dogs Will Be Killed This Year In Misguided Attempts To Stop The Spread Of Rabies

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Thousands of people and millions of dogs die every year because a 100 per cent preventable disease - rabies.

Fear of rabies causes the mass killing of dogs all over the world, but an international project from the World Animal Protection (WAP), stops the killing and instead sets up dog vaccination clinics – protecting dogs from being killed and everyone from rabies.

Canadian comedian, television star, author and well-known dog lover, Carla Collins, is lending her support to WAP’s campaign: “My two dogs mean the world to me and as an animal lover I had to speak up in support of WAP’s work,” she said. “Dogs are man and woman’s best friend and WAP’s vaccination project is creating healthy communities where dogs and people can live in harmony again.”

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In just a few years, WAP’s humane dog vaccination programs have saved more than 300,000 dogs from cruel and unnecessary deaths. “We work with local authorities to set up clinics where dogs are vaccinated and given a bright red collar so the community knows they are safe” said Josey Kitson, Executive Director of WAP Canada. “We are proud to have Carla’s support and to see her and her two dogs sport matching red collars. Together we are proving that a world without rabies is not a world without dogs.”

Successful vaccination clinics have been launched in Sri Lanka, Latin America, Bali, Bangladesh, the Philippines and Indonesia. Most recently, WAP started vaccination programs in Africa and China, where human deaths from rabies are the most common.

Carla joins animal lovers from all walks of life in supporting WAP’s international efforts to stop the killing of dogs in the name of rabies. High profile supporters include singer Leona Lewis and comedian Ricky Gervais.

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• This year, more than 55,000 people will die of rabies and over 20 million dogs will be killed in misguided attempts to stop the spread of the disease.

• Rabies costs approximately $US6 billion a year worldwide. A fraction of that investment can vaccinate the dog population to the immunity level necessary to prevent the spread of the disease (70 per cent of the pack).

• The World Health Organization (WHO) has described such vaccination campaigns as “globally, the most cost-effective strategy for preventing rabies in people”.

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