unique looking lisa

"Unique" is probably about the nicest way to describe Lisa, a tiny 10-week-old puppy that was one of the more recent arrivals at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley shelter in Milpitas, California. This tiny pup already had scars all over her face and a bad case of cherry eye, or inflamed eyelids, that required corrective surgery. To a lot of prospective adopters, she was hard to look at, but for one family, they were able to see past it to the puppy she wanted to be.

When Lisa arrived at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley (HSSV) shelter, the staff members were concerned not just about her physical appearance, but what her mental state would be after such abuse. However, despite whatever this poor pup went through before ending up at the shelter, she didn't let it affect her. Staff member Finnegan Dowling states that Lisa is "a pretty typical wiggly, squirmy, happy puppy. She loves other dogs and toys, is ridiculously kissy and she'll lick your nose clean off. She wasn't hesitant or frightened or timid at all."

Unfortunately, no matter how loving Lisa was, for many potential pet owners, physical appearance is still a major factor in the dogs they pick. However, that's when Christine Doblar and her family walked in. The family had recently lost their Chihuahua, Luna, and their 6-year-old chocolate lab Pele was depressed over the loss just as much as the family was.

loving lisa
Credit: Jackie MacMillan/HSSV

The family had decided to head to the shelter to meet some dogs when they saw Lisa. Doblar admitted that she was pretty "funky" looking, but it was the puppy's attitude that drew them in. Doblar described her personality as "wonderful and sparkly." She went up to each member of the family and was just as loving and exuberant with everyone that she greeted, something few dogs could ever compare to.

The Doblar's left to consider the decision, but her daughters kept fretting that someone else would adopt Lisa before they could, so they turned around and adopted her right then and there. Since then, they've changed her name to Lucky and she has settling in to her wonderful new home.

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