Swiss retailer MiCasa Labs is adding a flying carpet for dogs to their repertoire of unique inventions, which already includes a rocking chair that charges an iPad and a plastic ball with a fully functional kitchen inside. This levitating rug uses six sets of neodymium magnets, the strongest and most permanent magnets currently in production, that cause the carpet to seemingly float in midair. However, current models can right now only support around five pounds of puppy weight hovering 3 inches in the air. However, another model is in development that lets an 22 pound dog hover eight inches in the air.

Why do dogs need a flying carpet? Obviously because sleeping on air is the best way to sleep imaginable. Ultimately MiCasa Labs, which is described as being made up of scientists, engineers, and crazy people, wanted to start small with their flying carpets. They wanted to start by making a flying carpet to hover pets a few inches off the ground, then move their way up to people. Considering the maximum weight limit right now is 22 pounds, they are going to need many more magnets. Though they intend for the flying carpet to be a stepping stone into innovative new types of furniture for both pets and people.

Despite the lack of practicality or any reason for existence whatsoever, this isn't the only luxury item that dog owners spoiler their furry children with. The pet industry in North America is absolutely booming, dog owners are starting to treat their dogs like a cheaper alternative to having children. This has opened up a whole world of luxury goods for pets. It's not just for starlets for Pomeranians tucked into their brand label bags anymore.

From expensive brand label dog clothing, to specialized beds per breed and customized doggie stuff suitcases to Rolex brand collars. The world of being able to spoil your dog rotten is ever-growing. Everyone from Versace to Armani is cashing in on this new craze, creating products for those with enough cash to spoil their pooch rotten with luxury goods.

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Fight with us for those that can't
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