Meet the Critically Endangered Axolotl: The Mexican Walking Fish
Axolotls are a fascinating creature that are crucial for multiple disciplines of scientific research. And scientists continue to learn more about them. However, in the wild, their numbers are crashing. I delved into the major threats to their survival and...
In The Wild
Dog and Farm Animal Exposure Reduces Risk of Asthma in Children
The latest finding of a nationwide Swedish study has parents (and children) breathing a little easier. It appears that exposure to dogs or a variety of animals during the first year of a baby's life reduces the risk of developing...
Keep Pets Safe on Halloween (Bonus: Pets in Costumes)
Since Halloween is tonight, I decided to share the most popular pet costume trends and some incredible statistics. All veterinarians stress that you should only dress up pets that truly enjoy being in costume. And be prepared to remove it...
Cat Survives for 7 Weeks in Wine Cellar, Emerges Drunk
For Aljosha the cat, it is a good thing that he still had some of his nine lives left. This curious cat spent seven weeks on a bender in a wine cellar where he broke $44 worth of wine and...
New Study Might Explain Why Cats Are Fussy Eaters
A new study explains why cats can be picky eaters. They can detect more bitter flavors. And since veterinary medicines and enriched cat foods contain bitter-tasting ingredients, this research might help create new palatable formulas. I was surprised to learn...
Where Were Dogs First Domesticated?
It has long been known that the first dogs were domesticated from wolves who found humans to be too competitive as a predator and too difficult as to be prey. Slowly, they decided that food was easier found when provided...
Koko's Kittens - Koko the Gorilla Receives New Kittens for Her 44th Birthday
Hanabiko, or "Koko" for short, is one of the most unique gorillas in the world. She has receives world wide acclaim for being the first gorilla to master the use of sign language. Through her extensive Gorilla Sign Language (GSL)...
Meet Cassidy: A TinyKittens Champion
Cassidy survived in a Canadian forest for nine weeks (without his hind feet), starving, and seriously infected before being rescued by Shelly Roche who runs TinyKittens (a non-profit cat sanctuary). To help Cassidy, two Canadian teens designed and created a...
Orphaned Seal Finally Returned To Ocean After Being Rescued By ... Cows
The orphaned baby seal later named Celebration has had a bizarre string of adventures since it left the ocean. However, this little seal is recuperated and returning home today to live a hopefully normal life. The strangest part? This success...
California Passes Ban on Captive Orca Breeding at SeaWorld
In a solid strike against the increasingly unpopular marine amusement parks, the state of California has ruled that SeaWorld will no longer be able to breed, trade, sell or transfer orcas kept in captivity. The vote gathered over 600 people...
Sonoran Desert Tortoise is No Longer Protected Under the ESA
The USFWS has determined (based on seven years of monitoring) that threats to the Sonoran desert tortoise "are not serious enough" to classify them as endangered or threatened for the next 10 years. But endangered species advocates and environmentalists are...
Snowboarders Rescue Near-Frozen Horse in the Chilean Andes
Rafael Pease and his friend had planned to spend the day snowboarding the Chilean Andes to celebrate Pease's 21st birthday. However, after a few hours of shredding the snow, they soon found themselves in a position to save a life.


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