Koko's Kittens - Koko the Gorilla Receives New Kittens for Her 44th Birthday
Oct 20, 2015
Hanabiko, or "Koko" for short, is one of the most unique gorillas in the world. She has receives world wide acclaim for being the first gorilla to master the use of sign language. Through her extensive Gorilla Sign Language (GSL)...
Last Living 9-11 Rescue Dog Comes Back to NYC for Her 16th Birthday
Sep 17, 2015
No one forgets the human heroes that bravely risked their lives in during the 9-11 tragedy. The firefighters, police officers and EMT professionals are honored in a series of plaques, monuments and praise from a grateful nation; however, the animal...
Alabama Fishermen Looking for Catfish Finds Kittens in the River Instead
Sep 4, 2015
When two young men in Alabama took their boat out on the Warrior River near Bluff Creek Saturday morning, they expected to catch a lot of things, but a pair of kittens was not one of them.
The Feral Cats of Disney World
Jul 30, 2015
Keep your eyes open the next time you're in Walt Disney World in California and you might just see more than huge crowds in the park. After years spent as a legend in the park, a pack of feral cats...
Basset Hound Survives Three-Story Fall Due to Floppy Ears
Jul 28, 2015
In a real life Dumbo story, an incredibly lucky basset hound in West Sussex, England survived a 30 foot fall from an attic window. His survival is credited to, of all things, his big, floppy ears.
5 Cats Behaving Like People
Jan 17, 2015
There's nothing more endearing than seeing a pet carry out a human task. Dogs have been widely known for their multitude of service jobs, so I thought I would see if any cats are following suit. To my surprise and...
Mary Was Pregnant and About to be Killed. What Happens Next Will Warm Your Heart
Nov 3, 2014
The touching story of a heavily pregnant dog rescued from a high kill shelter just in time to bring nine adorable little puppies into the world.
Under a Porch and Into Our Lives
Aug 30, 2014
When I was asked to write for Paw, Mane 'n Fin a few months, the first thing I did was submit a photo of our latest rescue cat Kady. I've been meaning to write more about how she came into...
Grieving Goat is Reunited With Best Friend
May 31, 2014
Mr. G, an inconsolable goat, is reunited with his best friend, a burro named Jellybean.
Della and Her Yellow Kitties
May 14, 2014
An Irish couple thought the worse when they found the...
Revolutionary Surgery Puts Cat Back on His Feet
Apr 24, 2014
A pioneering new surgery has given Oscar the cat a new hope for a normal animal life after his hind legs were mangle beyond repair in an accident. This world first operation with state of the art bioengineering has been...
Be Jealous of This Two-Legged Boxers First Trip to the Beach
Apr 1, 2014
Who doesn't like a good trip to the beach? The warm sand beneath your toes, the gentle roar of the ocean, the smell of salt in the air and the warm sun on your face, there is little not to...
Abandoned Dog Rescued from Trash, His Transformation Will Amaze You
Mar 14, 2014
This poor dog was abandoned by his owners and was living on the streets in Quebec, Canada. Luckily the Quebec Society for the Protection of Animals found Charles and brought him in to turn him into a matted mass...
The Unexpected Friendship of Penny the Chicken and 2-Legged Chihuahua Roo
Mar 4, 2014
More people are stopping by Duluth Animal Hospital these days. Not because they are dropping off or picking up sick animals, but because they want to meet Penny the Chicken and the 2-legged Chihuahua Roo who have been rising in...
Lily - The Warrior Dog Who Survived Being Buried Alive
Feb 28, 2014
Lily the dog started life like many animals in South Africa and all over the world--on the streets. She survived by wandering into villages and schoolyards to fetch scraps from the trash. While for her it was all about survival,
Onyx, the 3-legged Abused Dog, Learns to Surf
Feb 13, 2014
At a glance, when running around Onyx looks like a happy and healthy black lab. However, with a closer look it is plain to see that Onyx only has three legs. While he may be happy and healthy now, that...
My Horse is My Valentine (despite what my mother thinks is normal)
Feb 13, 2014
I have loved horses ever since I was a little girl. In fact, when I was two years old my aunt put me on my first horse and I fell in love. Over twenty years later, I really am your...
Ginny - The Dog Who Saved Nearly 1,000 Stray Cats
Feb 12, 2014
Ginny may look like an ordinary dog, albeit with a unique look from the Siberian Husky/Schnauzer mix, however she is truly become a dog of legend. From shaky beginnings, after Ginny was adopted from the shelter she paid that kindness...
If Rescued Kitties Make You Smile, Wait Until You See What This Lady Does With Orphaned Bats
Feb 6, 2014
Everybody loves a good animal rescue story.  We have published countless amazing stories of dogs and cats getting rescued by amazing people.  These 'tails' warm the hearts of people around the globe.  While this story is  still a rescue story, it...
Boots Made for Dog who is Allergic to the Outdoors
Jan 31, 2014
Bluey has had a tough life. He's a dog who would love to go outside and run, but there is only one thing stopping him--he is allergic to it. Bluey is an eight-year-old weimaraner who loved going outdoors, however when...
Firefighter Saves Kitten from Burning House
Jan 29, 2014
For the most part, it seems like GoPro cameras are used to record extreme athletes performing some of the craziest stunts known to man.  Although they are great for showing off people's athletic prowess, they are starting to be used...
The Endearing Story of Stockings the Kitten
Jan 27, 2014
The story of Stockings could have easily turned into a sad tale of yet another animal that the world would have given up on. This little kitten was rescued when it was just a few weeks old from a hording...
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