Keep Pets Safe on Halloween (Bonus: Pets in Costumes)
Oct 31, 2015
Since Halloween is tonight, I decided to share the most popular pet costume trends and some incredible statistics. All veterinarians stress that you should only dress up pets that truly enjoy being in costume. And be prepared to remove it...
All Aboard! - Man Builds Train for Rescued Dogs
Sep 29, 2015
Eugene Bostwick may have retired 15 years ago, but recently he's taken up a new job as a train conductor. Although, instead of shuffling busy people passengers back and forth, Bostwick gives leisurely train rides to all the rescued dogs...
Japanese Dog News Anchor is an Overload on Cuteness
Jun 30, 2015
Meet Inuyama Shibao, he has recently become one of the hottest news anchors in Japan. Maybe it's his unique enunciation or maybe it's the fact that this handsome boy is dripping with good looks, but whatever it is, he has...
Matzo the Dog Found Guilty of First Degree Garbage Murder
Jun 19, 2015
If you have anything edible in your garbage, it is safe to assume that left unattended most dogs are probably going to take a shot at digging it out. In this hilarious video - Matzo the dog knocks over the garbage...
Mother Uses Cat to Criticize Skimpy Top on Amazon
Jun 18, 2015
Most mothers with a daughter have to give them a solid talking to at some point about their outfit. However, a mother from Houston, Texas took it one step further. The Houston mom was livid about the skimpy crop top...
Adorable baby panda chases keeper
Jun 9, 2015
There is no denying baby pandas are cute, but these two are especially adorable!
Feeling Ducky? Fun Facts About Waddlers
May 30, 2015
Move over people! There's a new biped in town: ducks. And they are getting their own traffic lane and beer (in England, at least). I discovered some helpful ways we can help our fine feathered friends. One of the main...
Candidates for Canada's National Bird (Vote Now)
May 9, 2015
All Canadians should have a say in what Canada's national bird will be. After perusing the top contenders, I realized there is one in the running (or flying) that clearly does not represent Canadians. There are two obvious choices and...
Man Turns His House Into Indoor Cat Playland
Mar 30, 2015
While we may not all be able to create an indoor playhouse quite like this this, this video does have some great ideas that cat owners can implement into their own homes to keep their felines happy.
Beavers Are Dam Fine
Mar 28, 2015
Besides man, beavers impact our planet more than any other creature. They are important to the life cycles of many animals, plants, and ecosystems. For hundreds of years, the beaver has been a national symbol of Canada. Find out how...
Men With Cats: Be Proud
Mar 14, 2015
It's fabulous to see men interacting with cats in a loving, caring manner. And I couldn't be happier to report that men aren't ashamed to show the world how they feel about their feline friends. I'm not sure how the...
Have a Hoot at an Owl Café
Feb 28, 2015
Owl cafés have been popping up in Japan since 2012, but now an owl bar promises to be the hippest hangout in the Soho area of London, England. Despite a media blunder and outcry from animal rights activists, it appears...
Android's New Ad Has Animal Lovers Talking (and smiling!)
Feb 11, 2015
Android just put out a new ad that has the world talking (and smiling!) over these unlikely animal friends. We especially love the dog and deer.
Budweiser does it again with their 2015 Super Bowl Commercial
Jan 28, 2015
Budweiser does it again with yet another heart-warming commercial that you just might need a tissue for.
Bao Bao The Panda Cub Celebrates Her First Snow Day in Washington, D.C.
Jan 8, 2015
Washington, D.C.'s beloved (and only) panda cub Bao Bao got to enjoy her first ever taste of snow as the United State's capital was blanketed for the first time this winter season on January 6th.
Gilroy, California: The Animal-Lover's Guide
Jan 4, 2015
Who doesn't love animals? The Gilroy region of California is home to some of the best establishments for animal viewing both in their parks and in their zoos and ranches. For the visiting animal-lover, be sure to pay a visit...
13 Dogs and 1 Cat Enjoy a Holiday Feast
Dec 18, 2014
Meet 13 dogs and 1 hilarious cat who are having a delicious Christmas feast at the dinner table.
Merry Meerkat: San Diego Zoo Gives Enrichment Wreaths to Residents
Dec 17, 2014
San Diego Zoo Offers Extended Hours During Annual Jungle Bells Event Six meerkats tussled over wreaths placed in their exhibit last week at the San Diego Zoo. The wreaths were part of the regular animal enrichment activities planned by the animal care...
Grumpy Cat's Astonding Earnings Makes Normal Cats Seem Like Mooching Bums
Dec 9, 2014
Everyone has heard of Grumpy Cat. Her trademark scowl and bad attitude has risen her up to the rank of Queen among internet cat memes, but recently her owner has revealed exactly how much she has earned from them. The...
Baby Pandas Don't Want to Take Their Medicine
Oct 20, 2014
Need a Monday afternoon pick-me-up? Check out this cute video of two baby pandas wrestling with their handler because they don't want to take their medicine.
Adorable Corgi Puppy vs Tiny Pumpkin
Oct 9, 2014
This adorable video of a Corgi puppy battling against a tiny pumpkin is sure to get you in the October spirit!
How Cute Are Three-Week-Old Cheetah Cubs?
Sep 24, 2014
Two cheetah cubs being hand raised by animal care staff at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park are receiving around-the-clock care and bottle feedings at the Park's Animal Care Center. The female cubs were born to a cheetah at the...
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