Men Of The World Pay Heed: Your Partner May Love Her Pet More Than She Loves You

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The news is out: One in ten women claim they love their pet MORE than their partner.

In a recent UK study, nearly a third of female respondents admitted that their levels of love for their pet were exactly the same as those they harboured for their husband or boyfriend.

And over half said that they loved their pet MORE after they had had a row with their other half. Some 39 per cent also admitted that their feelings increase for their furry friends when they get no affection from their man.

One in ten of those who confessed to caring more for their pet did have the good grace to feel guilty – although a more hardened 41 per cent said they didn’t feel bad at all!

It’s not surprising then that a whopping 81 per cent of women said they consider their pets to be a part of the family, the poll by animal welfare charity The Brooke revealed.

In fact 14 per cent of women even said they were considering getting a tattoo of their pet’s name.

“It’s heart-warming to learn how loved the nation’s pets are,” commented a charity spokesperson. “Even the most perfect relationships have off-days, so you can understand how women might love their pets just that little bit more after a disagreement with their partner.

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“Perhaps a frustration for women is also that they expect less of their pets, but are still rewarded with endless affection and loyalty. Pets can’t answer back with sarcastic comments or moan about the state of the house, so it’s easy to have a blissful relationship with a pet, which can’t always been said of human relationships.”

Some 38 per cent of women said there would be a bitter custody battle over a pet if they were to ever split up with their partner, as in 54 per cent of cases, the animal is jointly owned.

Forty per cent said their pet never annoys them, and more than 50 per cent said it would be a ‘deal-breaker’ if a partner did not get on with their pet.

The study found a third of females let their pet sleep on their bed and 16 per cent let them sleep IN the bed.


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