dead puppies in cage

When officials and animal rescuers were called to a Clarksville, Tennessee home, they were not aware, but a scene from a horror film was about to unfold. Their investigation held earlier on June 5th would lead to multiple charges of animal cruelty, 39 badly abused dogs, four dead puppies and an additional 37 bags of animal remains being uncovered.

A representative from Bill Mace Home Builders went to investigate a Clarksville home that was being rented by Nicole and Eric Hulbig. However, this woman got the shock of her life when she walked into not just extensive home damage, but cages containing four dead, decomposing puppies. She promptly called Montgomery County Animal Control to deal with this horror scene. The interior of the house was littered with trash and feces, appearing to be abandoned. Home damage reached a grand total of $13,000 and will require extensive decontamination. Animal Control deemed that the puppies had died of dehydration as they were left without food and water.

Nicole and Eric Hulbig were both arrested and charged with four counts of animal cruelty, but that was just the tip of the iceberg for their crimes. Montgomery County Animal Control contacted Sumner County Animal Control which in turn discovered an even worse crime scene. In a Cottonwood, Tennessee home that belonged to Nicole Hulbig's mother where Nicole had been staying they found a barn filled with 39 live dogs. All of these dogs were kept in stalls then subsequently in cages, many of them too small for the dogs to stand or turn around. The dogs were all emaciated and no food or water was found even near the cages. Like the previous house, the barn was filled with feces and trash, but upon further investigation, Animal Control found 37 bags of animal remains.

While Hulbig was charged with animal cruelty for the live dogs, the remains in the bags were too far decomposed to determine how they died or even how many animals were in each bag. So thus, Hulbig cannot yet be charged for their deaths.

These dogs all belong to the Raja Renata Ranch in which Nicole Hulbig runs. She rescues dogs from high kill shelters and supposedly trains them to be service dogs. However, what only makes this worse is that she took dogs from happy families to train them. Hulbig stated that she was on bed rest from a high risk pregnancy, leaving the dogs in her mother's care. She claimed that the dogs in the bags died of a distemper outbreak nine months ago, but there is no proof of that. She also claims to have no knowledge of the dead puppies.

While calls from owners that sent their dogs to the ranch for training have flooded in, only a few have been reunited with their owners. This leaves many to speculate that their pets ended up in any one of those bags.

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