Recently Beef Magazine, a small agricultural publication out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, published an interesting--albeit inflammatory--article titled "Read Between The Lines of Both Radical Islam And HSUS", This articles made bold comparisons between ISIS, a radical group of Islamic terrorist recently responsible for the deaths of two American Journalists, and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), a group that leads the fight against animal cruelty ion the United States.

The author, Troy Marshall writes, "The (ISIS) terrorists are dangerous no doubt, but they tend toward a naiveté that almost ensures their ultimate defeat. HSUS (Humane Society of the United States), on the other hand, is extremely sophisticated in its attacks. HSUS attacks on many fronts."

Free speech is a wonderful thing, but sometimes Americans just have to sit back and realize that articles like this are why we are so frowned upon worldwide. The comparison has since been removed from the original article after numerous complaints from the magazine's own readers including this post on their Facebooks page saying, "A bunch of overreactive animal lovers should not be compared to a terrorist group responsible for brutally killing two American journalists, James Foley and Steven Sotloff among many other people."

While farmers can certain reserve the right to dislike the Humane Society's recent initiatives, Beef Magazine readers believe comparing them to radical Islamic terrorists is a step in the wrong direction.

This article comes among many, less heinous, publications from Big Agriculture in their increased attack on animal welfare groups provoked by the defeat of many "Ag-gag" laws. These Ag-gag laws were anti-whistle blowing bills that would have made it a criminal offense to report animal cruelty occurring on factory farms. Ag-gags are a major step backwards for not only animal welfare but the quality of food received from those farms. If factory farms cannot even treat their animals like living things, what will make them treat the meat that goes onto the table any better?

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Fight with us for those that can't
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